Tantra is a spiritual process. It is a philosophical quest that aims at a state of harmony and awakening by practicing sensory introspection. Sexuality is only one of the means used to reach it. Tantra massage, meanwhile, is not a race to orgasm. Certainly, it is sought after but it is above all a way to raise the sexual energy.

Tantra massage promotes a spiritual communion between the receiver and the giver, it awakes and strengthens the sensory and spiritual abilities of the receiver. Also, by helping to reduce stress in the individual who receives it, Tantra massage deeply nourishes the self-esteem.

When Tantra massage is performed for a woman by a man, there are some particularities.

Feminine / masculine polarity

The first particularity is associated with the male / female polarization that can activate the sexual energy more intensely. Everything is energy, the masculine energy is yang, positive, and the feminine energy is yin, negative, and together they make up the whole universe.

Being massaged by a man, the woman gets to feels in a more intense way  the erotic desire and the sexual chemistry, the polarities that appear between a man and a woman. Tantra massage allows one to live a bodily relationship without a goal or purpose of a sexual nature. This allows to get out of the objectification schemes that limit the radiation of the free and natural woman.

Understanding the feminine and masculine polarity, you will have less preconceived automatisms concerning the relation man / woman. This opens the way to real relationships from human to human.

Energy and strength. Intensity of the massage

Being massaged by a man allows a wider range of sensations. The massage can be quite firm and supported because of the muscular strength of the masseur. The massage can just as easily be very soft and alternate between these firmness and softness polarities. A professional Tantra therapist knows how to be gentle too and take care of you without expecting anything in return and knows how to offer moments of pure delight.

An experienced Tantra maseur is a good connoisseur of female anatomy

The whole body is being massaged during the Tantra massage, the main erogenous zones, the breasts and the different parts of the sex, are massaged like the rest of the body. The expertise and quality of presence of the masseur can discover new sensations. New stimulations are tested and this is done with confidence. And since there is no purpose to provide an orgasm, the exploration can proceed quietly. You have plenty of time to enjoy all the variations. If an orgasm occurs, it is a side effect, certainly pleasant, but does not disturb or change the course of the massage.

Thanks to the control of the flow of energy, the practitioner knows how to circulate in his own body the sexual energy that awakens. Once integrated, it can then redistribute it for the benefit of the person being massaged, without disturbing the attention and kindness of the masseur for the woman receiving the massage.

Between the benefits of a Tantra massage for women performed by a man we can count this: access to a deep relaxation, healing emotional and physical injuries from abuse, learn to surrender, trust yourself and others, develop a sensual awareness of the body, reconciliation with her desire, desires and natural momentum and (re)gain confidence in her sexual energy.

And sometimes a Tantra massage can open and create a path of forgiveness, transformation and healing (anorgasmia, frigidity, vaginismus, abuse, low libido).