A professional masseuse specialized in the art of Tantra massage knows how to include in your massage session various  techniques from different schools of massage with elements from yoga, bioenergetics and sexual therapy. You can receive the massage and surrender to the rediscovery of senses, feelings and emotions. The process combines the feeling of well-being associated with deep relaxation therapeutic as people come to a Tantra massage session in order to resolve issues related to relationship issues, self esteem issues including sexual issues.

What you need to know in order to choose a professional Tantra massage salon?

Tantra massage does not involve sexual services or masturbation

A Tantra massage is a very sensual massage, and is focused on sexual pleasure. Some individuals are under the notion that this massage involves sex, however, this notion is completely wrong and baseless. Although it’s a very sensual massage, it does not involve sexual interaction. Tantra massage does not involve sexual services or masturbation.

The term of Tantra massage is very often used online, incorrect, more like false advertising, as it is used by people who have nothing to do with Tantra or the basic notions of Tantra. Their goal is not to offer ways of achieving a higher level of consciousness, but to gather a clientele for cheap and degrading sexual services.

Many people are offering erotic or sensual massage, various sexual services, creating the confusion by calling it Tantra, but it is not Tantra! An authentic Tantra massage is a safe way and a sensual way for you to experience and enjoy the luscious, expansive experience of your sacred sexual energy that your heart and soul is longing for.

As all parts of the body are seen as scared in Tantra, during the Tantra massage session if you wish a genital massage this will be offered, but in a respectful way that honours the divine presence in every cell of your lingam (as the penis is called in Tantra). If you are offered a „happy ending” massage, that is not an authentic Tantra massage.

Choose a Tantra massage performed at a professional Tantra salon

In order to feel safe with your Tantra massage experience it is recommended to choose from the salons that are professional and use qualified, experienced, masseuses specialized in the art of Tantra massage, salons that have a durability in time and don’t just vanish in the night, authorized salons that offer safe, clean rooms and not some shady places or the promise „we’ll come to your hotel” because that is definitely not an authentic Tantra massage!

True professional therapists will teach you how to rediscover the amazing richness and savour of your senses, the eroticism and sensuality that open the body and mind and fulfill the soul. In an experienced tantra massage salon you will learn how to really feel your body while being touched and erotically aroused by a beautiful and sensual woman, you will learn to live in the moment!

In the skilled hands of experienced masseuses, at professional Tantra salons, transformations can occur. Deep relaxation, removing blockages, awaking and increasing your sexual energy, just some effects that an authentic Tantra massage can offer.