Tantra massage is an ecstatic experience

A Tantra massage is an ode to the delicacy, to the contact, to the ecstatic experience of the body which finally finds its sacred character. It takes place in a soft environment which leads to relaxation and to the inner journey. The lights are soft, there are burning incense and candles to mark the spiritual, though very bodily, nature of this massage.

For a woman to go and receive a massage for her sexual pleasure or sexual healing, from a Tantra therapist she doesn’t know is a pretty new concept in most places.

A woman’s body is a sacred temple

During a Tantra massage, the gentle touch of a woman, your masseuse, helps to establish a deeper connection between the masseuse and you and helps reconnecting with what women knew intimately deep within themselves, their body is a sacred temple.

Tantra massage uses the sexual energy, the divine Eros, without any sexual intercourse, to vibrate your body and soul in a subtle dance. The sexual energy becomes a positive energy that impacts all areas of life. The more it flows in you, the more you will feel more woman, more fulfilled, more alive.

Tantra massage uses the sensual energy, without going through sexual intercourse, to up-lift you to a new level of experience, to give you access to states of intense happiness, and especially to connect to your deep being. It is an experience where the spiritual marries the carnal, where the body becomes a sacred temple, a door to a beyond yourselves.

A feminine touch

During a Tantra massage session, the loving and conscious touch of your masseuse will help you connect with parts and aspects of yourself, which usually don’t get much attention. You will get in touch with your full feminine potential, your feminine nature, sensuality, pleasure, and your ability to be ecstatic.

In Tantra, the woman is seen as the one who leeds the way through intimacy and sensuality, because by nature, the woman possesses a particular ability to unite sexuality, love and spirituality. In our society, for a woman, it can be difficult to give in and surrender to sexual desire, pleasure, love and intimacy. These limitations and blockages can be dissolved by the loving and conscious touch in the Tantra massage.

Having a Tantra massage performed by a woman is a wonderful experience. A woman is capable of listening and understanding your needs, is more empathic and easily adapts to your needs. The tender touch of a woman caressing your body will guide you into realizing the being that you are when you feel completely free and loved.

Your masseuse will start working on your body, building your arousal energy, by heightening and teasing your senses using very light, long and gentle sweeping strokes stimulating the skins receptors.

Tantra massage can be one of the most healing and transformational experiences. The experienced touch of a masseuse will use your sexual energy to balance your chakras, focus on harmonizing and balancing the bodies natural energies. The touch of a woman in Tantra massage can help you understand and experience the sensual, erotically alive, whole, beautiful, attractive, and amazing woman you truly are.

Tantra massage provides a vehicle for addressing the total needs of the female body, it has it’s own rhytm and purpose, to awaken the divine Eros in you.