The basics of Tantra

Tantra is a practical system aimed at self-discovery and development. One of the techniques one can approach within this complex system is massage. Therefore, Tantra massage is not about pleasure, but about using pleasure as a means for evolution.
This is precisely why the methods involved in this type of massage and the effects it generates can well be integrated in our daily lives. Tantra is based on the principle of continence, awareness and self-control in every aspect of our existence.

Continence refers to the action of refraining from wasting our energies in uncontrolled actions (such as chattering, outbursts of fury, ruminative thinking). Also will focus all the available energies in purposes of our choice (which may vary from relaxation and regeneration to developing leadership qualities and spiritual evolution).

On sexual continence

One of the greatest energies we possess and, therefore, one of the hardest to control is our sexual energy. Tantra teaches us to master it in such a way as to experience it with full awareness, prolonged it undefined.


As a result you use its intensity to boost whatever aspect of our being we desire. All this, while enjoying its beneficial, even therapeutic and medical effects on the immune system and psychological well-being.
More precisely, this control constitutes the ability to have multiple orgasms without ejaculating. Given the neurological activity behind the processes of erection, orgasm and ejaculation, through transmutation and sublimation, men can achieve perfect sexual continence.

Why bother?

Before we move on to the how, let’s first talk about the why. Semen is nothing else but processed blood. To make a certain quantity of sperm, the body uses up way more than double that quantity of blood. This is why after ejaculation the body feels somewhat drained, can’t hold up the erection anymore, relaxes and needs to regenerate, even sleep, before it’s ready to go on to the next round. Thus, men lose a lot of energy in ejaculation and, in time, the sexual potential is completely lost and impotence and infertility take over.

In order to prolonge the activity of our body’s sexual function, improve the quality of our sex life, boost our levels of awareness and goal-achieving capacity, sexual continence is welcome in our lives as a daily practice.

How it works

Neurologically, the cortical centers for orgasm and ejaculation are distinct. Also, erection is a function of the parasympathetic nervous system, while ejaculation is a function of the sympathetic one. This means that when the man is relaxed. The action of the parasympathetic system is related to the state of relaxation. Hence will be aware during intercourse, with practice he’ll be able to find the perfect stop before hitting the point of no-return.

The point of no-return once reached makes ejaculation imminent.

However, there is a moment just before it when the man can pause the sexual stimulation in order to avoid this. The pleasure’s intensity has an inertia that will still lead to the triggering of the orgasm, but without reaching ejaculation. After the experience of orgasm, the man will be able to go on with the intercourse without needing to rest and regenerate, his erection remaining just as hard.
We’ve also explained these processes in previous articles, together with those of biological transmutation at body temperature followed by sublimation.

Countless benefits

Tantra massage constitutes good practice for achieving sexual continence and even has amasing effects of its own. Through Tantric practice you will be more relaxed and energetic at the same time. You’ll notice a tremendous boost in your power of focus and of will. Then self-confidence, perceived self-efficacy, empathy, efficiency, happiness and quality of life. You’ll find yourself gradually becoming more charismatic and successful.
There are many more effects and all you need to do is practice.


Authentic Tantra massage as we offer here at Tao erotic massage in Bucharest will truely make a difference in your life, provided you have regular sessions. However, in order for your self-development to be independent from our services and to increase the quality and efficiency of the effects, our masseuses will teach you special focus and breathing techniques to practice during the massage, as well as in your day to day life.

The principles of Tantra can be applied at any moment. Tantra is always necessary to relax with full awareness in the present moment.

The Tantric system involves mindfulness, but it is way more complex. Mindfulness is just the starting point on this genuine spiritual path.
For more information on Tantra visit us at Tao erotic massage on Calea Victoriei!

Obviously, more importantly, for actual practice and techniques come to us too!

Let the experience speak for itself!