What does Tantra massage have to do with leadership?

Tantra is a path for self-development that can lead to the acquisition of leadership qualities and build our self-confidence, focus and will power in order to achieve success. Tantra massage is a complex technique that strengthens our awareness and self-control needed to shape our life according to our aspirations.
Most people approach erotic massage in search for relaxation, entertainment and pleasure. Tantra, however, is aimed at something else entirely. Instead of losing yourself in the pleasure and hoping it makes a strong enough distraction from stress, the Tantric alternative is to control the pleasure and use it to mold both your character and your environment so that it all works to your advantage.

The Tantric keys to power

The principles are very simple. Everything is based on relaxation, focus and awareness, the perfect ingredients for self-control. Tantra is an all-encompassing spiritual path, meaning that the Tantric practitioner wisely uses all aspects of life for his/her self-discovery and evolution. The only “NO” in Tantra is losing control.

The purpose is to become limitless. In what you are, in what you can, in what you feel, in what you give.

Even though Tantra is a millenary spiritual path, there are now countless scientific discoveries testifying its effects (which we have widely talked about in previous articles on the neurological, physiological, psychological and medical aspects behind the Tantric practices). Relaxation is the background of focus and control.

People who have high performance under stress succeed in doing so by stressing less than the others. They somehow find that place within them where they can remain calm and effective, not losing themselves in worries and fears.

Tantra massage is a method to gain the necessary self-knowledge to find that place and stay there.

The Tantric erotic massage mechanisms

The reason why authentic Tantric massage can be so effective in controlling your mind and emotions is that it implies focus and breathing techniques that you can use daily and build a whole new life-style on. Regular sessions of Tantric massage can train your mind to be clear and effective, your emotions to be positive, yourself to be authentic and your body to be healthy and strong.
During Tantric massage you need to relax and be present. Surrender to what is being offered to you and observe all the sensations and the feelings they trigger. You will reach a state of mindfulness which sets the ground for what is to come. You will notice how many thoughts and emotions you were not aware of begin to surface.

Every part of us that we are not aware of is often times the source of our weakness. Not knowing them, they control us, they make us have irrational reactions and trigger feelings we don’t understand. This lack of understanding unconsciously builds up into a psychological background of fear of the unknown within us.

Self-discovery and self-knowledge is the solid root of self-confidence. The more you know yourself, the less weak spots you have. Also, the more you know yourself, the more you understand others. Being empathetic is of vital importance for it is both healthy and empowering. It is a social and psychological human need to feel connected to the ones around us. Empathy creates and strengthens these connections.

Being empathetic with others attracts their interest and respect, while also developing genuine mutual affection. Empathy is a sure way to trustworthy relations of any kind.

Erotic massage can be a source of strength

We all know that sexual activity is tremendously empowering on all levels. Consequently, harmonious and satisfying this sexual activity will make you a good leader! You will be strong, in control and pleasant to your employees.

Tao erotic massage practice can clear your mind and also empower your whole being. Tantric massage is the perfect starting point.


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