Tantra massage and the art of sensuality

This unique massage is a very ancient oriental practice that, through light and circular touches, stimulates the knowledge of oneself, of the other and leads to a state of well-being that is at the same time union and liberation.

Tantra can be summed up as a way of liberating the self and at the same time achieving the essence of the self, a way of coming into profound contact with one’s soul. Through Tantra massage and the stimulation of certain energy points in the body, the person who receives it experiences a great sensory pleasure and at the same time an improvement in self-perception and self-awareness.

It is a sensual massage

The art of sensuality is also the art of intoxicating the senses and awakening the passion. Tension and stress have dangerous repercussions on a person. It is difficult to imagine that with a sensual massage these can remain. In the vast majority of cases this massage represents, in fact, an infallible remedy to feed the passion and the erotic charge for a person or for a couple. This sensual massage helps to awaken and warm the dormant senses.

A “hot” atmosphere

First of all, in order to give life to a really “hot” sensual massage it is necessary to create the right atmosphere, the one that intoxicates the senses, which starts to excite the partner. As in Tantra, creating the ideal environment is indeed essential to achieve maximum pleasure. A professional Tantra massage salon creates an intimate location, soft lighting, relaxing music plays in the background. There are lighted some scented candles, to increase relaxation and improve erotic charge. These are the right premises for a sexual experience understood as something more than a simple body relationship.

The sensual touches activate the erogenous zones

Extremely sensitive areas are the buttocks, especially for men, but also the navel area. In the spine there are nerves connected to the genitals and are very sensitive to touch. This applies to both men and women. The hands of the masseuse create a deep connection with intimacy and activate in a very pleasant way the erogenous zones.

Essential oils are used

The masseuse will use on your body an oil, so that the movements flow smoothly on your skin. An aphrodisiac oil activates the senses. Pine essential oil helps men to get in touch with their virility and to express it to the fullest. It has a stimulating action, which is particularly useful in the treatment of impotence, of frigidity. Increases libido. Sandalwood essential oil acts by balancing sexuality, linking it to the spirit. This oil transforms and regenerates sexual energies.

For women is used Rose essential oil: relaxes and activates the predisposition to passion, because it reduces negativity, rebalancing the typical emotions of erotic massage. Essential oil of ylang ylang helps to awaken the senses and to let go. It is of great help in repressed femininity because it frees sensuality, fantasy and euphoria.

Energy into the body, but also in the spirit

The mental energy used in this practice will transform your sensual massage into a truly intimate moment. Sensuality passes through your breath and helps you control your sexual energy and activates your heart and your soul.