The art of Tantra
Tantra has been practiced for over 9000 years. The peculiarity of Tantra is that it considers the body in its entirety as sacred, including in its sexual dimension. Tantra relies on the system of chakras (energy centers) and Kundalini (vital energy). The practices will aim to increase the opening of the chakras, to awaken the Kundalini and to spread it throughout the body through the chakras.
Tantra works with female (Shakti) and male (Shiva) polarities. The recognition, the acceptance of our double polarity and the union of these two energies reconcile the opposites and lead to the indivisible original: the divine, the source.
Tantra massage is an opportunity to open to our sacred dimension
Tantra massage is a sensual massage and it leads us to the most precious that is in us: to abandon oneself emotionally and corporally, to find one’s power, to reconnect with one’s body, one’s sensuality, to repair one’s relationship to the body, to grow in its affective and sensual dimension. By being fully in the sensation of the body, we plunge into the infinite moment and can thus reach the state of meditation, we can live the present moment, here and now.
We need to be touched, need to be secure, loved and recognized
We have vital needs for communication through the body, just as we have vital needs for oral communication. In our society, we expect from the life partner the security, the affection, the recognition, the joy, the love, the blooming, the happiness, the authorization to be oneself…
Tantra massage is a sensory journey but also as an alchemical process
Tantra massage is a sensual massage, a journey where you discover your body, your emotional intimacy. At a professional Tantra massage salon, the expert masseuses will create a unique Tantra massage session for you, a sacred dimension of listening and sensitivity, an opportunity for transformation. You are welcomed with your fears, your closures known and unknown and during the Tantra massage session you are invited, step by step, to discover the pleasure of surrender, the pleasure of experiencing the sensual being that you are, the vitality of your awakening body, the experience of awakening your soul, to experience being offered to life.
Tantra massage is a journey to the land of sensuality, a sacred journey of the soul in the world of sensations
Tantra massage is a very slow massage, full of tenderness, which penetrates you and will seek you in your flesh, in your blood, Tantra massage is sensual and spiritual. It is practiced on the naked body and all parts of the body are massaged. Tantra massage presents a heavenly and transcendent vision: nourishing the soul.
Tantra massage eliminates mental and emotional blockages, and soothes the mind and allows access to a state where you do not think, just feel. Tantra massage unites the head, the heart and the sex and allows to find a sacred dimension of the body. During a Tantra massage session you find the pleasure of having a body that is the temple of the soul.
Tantra massage works on the emotional and sensual energy and generates an alchemy: the return to innocence and to the purity of heart, body and awakening of the soul.