What is Kundalini?

In Sanskrit, Kundalini means “snake”, which symbolizes the primordial energies of each of us. These energies are channeled mainly from the first chakra which is located at the center of the perineum, between the anus and the genitals. By awakening, with the massage, this point placed at the bottom of the spine awakens the psychic powers of all the energy points that pass through your body. The massage awakes the primordial energy that starts from the genital areas up to the seventh chakra.  The purpose of this particular massage is precisely to free the Kundalini, the snake, which represents besides the primordial instincts also the attachment to material things from which we should free ourselves.

The dormant, primordial, energy

The person who receives the massage gets in a state of psychophysical well-being that involves every part of the body and frees all the dormant energy. The mind empties and the body relaxes. The body is massaged deeply until all the chakras are cleansed. At the end of the massage the whole body will be enveloped in total pleasure and a state of profound well-being. The techniques used during the massage session are influenced by yoga and Ayurveda and can help you awaken your most intimate feelings, such as those related to sexual energy.

This massage is a particular, ancient technique that stimulates the primordial energies present in our body. These are made to emerge in sensual and full of charm forms. This practice points to the sublimation of our pleasure. The Kundalini symbolizes the sinuosity and at the same time the renewal, the transformation, which is associated with the idea of ​​benefit and well-being.

The Kundalini stimulates and amplifies, awakening it, that primordial energy that is found above all in the perineal area, from where, starts the massage. The slower and more sensual the massage, the more effective it is. The massage usually lasts a few tens of minutes, but it can also last for a few hours, to reach the result of great bodily and spiritual well-being, as well as real pleasure.

Elimination of tensions and blockages and ascent of Kundalini

The energy is called up by promoting the relaxation of the muscles adjacent to the spine, starting from the genital area. Buddhist philosophy and its branches speak of pure illumination. This is given by the awareness of your own sensuality. In order to release the tensions in the lower extremities, favoring the ascent of the Kundalini upwards, the lower part of the back must be intensely massaged, and with this the feet, the legs and the buttocks.

With the Tantra massage you will realize that both the body and the mind will be freed more easily from blockages of energy that had accumulated during the day and even earlier. The goal is to achieve a balance of the senses through contact with the body. Well-being is given by the energy balance: with this massage, the energy radiates in a fluid and uniform manner from the bottom upwards, which will give a progressive feeling of well-being. The most hidden emotions will be awakened. All in a framework of charm and sensuality.