Introduction to Tantra

Tantra was born thousands of years ago in the ancient India. It is a path of self-realization, a path of consciousness and evolution.  Most people think that Tantra is just a cover for sex, but in reality, Tantra is a way of life, a spiritual life. It is the easiest and most compelling path to reach super consciousness. It is a process of expansion to attain liberation, love and self-realization.

Connection to the universe

According to Tantra, everything is sacred, nothing is profane. There is no duality, good or bad. The divine – or the energies of the universe, no matter what it is called – is present in this world in all things and, above all, in ourselves. Tantra is a unique spiritual practice that takes into account the worldly desires and spiritual inclination of mankind. The ultimate goal of Tantra is to become aware of this non-duality, to feel that we are one with the whole universe, that there is no barrier between us and existence, and that we are connected with all things and all beings. To be in harmony with oneself is then to be in harmony with the whole universe.

Tantra massage sees the body as a temple

Tantra massage has this unique specificity of viewing the body as a temple, as intrinsically spiritual. However, since the body is most often the reservoir of the unconscious and the repressed, it must first be rehabilitated by dissolving the ego. The ego is the set of mental constructs and repressed emotional tensions that have shaped our personality through the accumulation of our experiences, our education, and our “social mask”.

During a Tantra massage session, the magical atmosphere, the expert movements realized by the masseuse, the fluidity of the touches and the sensual caresses all over your naked body, the awakening of your sexual energy and the circulation of it into your body leads to elimination of emotional blockages and inhibitions. It is like all your energies are linked and a real axis sex-heart-spirit is recreated. This axis is formed by the seven main chakras (energy channels).  These are junction points of energy channels that must be properly activated to allow your energies to flow freely. The masseuse will carefully press and activate all this points in order to form a connection that brings unity in the body and a state of peace.

Living in the present moment

Our mind is constantly busy thinking about the past or looking into the future, rather than living the present. Tantra massage helps you listen to your body and makes you aware of what is going on. A full understanding appears when there is a perfect harmony between intellectual and emotional levels. The flow of the sexual energy awakened by the movements that the masseuse performs brings you into the present moment. The energy of the heart, of love, take control over your cerebral, uninterrupted functioning of your mind and you live in the moment, the present moment. The ego dissolves and self-realization occurs. Tantra massage is an authentic path of self-awareness.

Once you are able to resolve your inner contradictions and free yourself from your ego, love and compassion will naturally emerge in you.