Tantra massage is an extremely sensual massage. It uses sexual energy to achieve a state of psychic and physical relaxation. It is one of the most effective ways to relax and rediscover your body in a sensual way. It was created in ancient India, by religious leaders, more than seven thousands years ago. It is unlike other types of massage, this unique massage is based on the use of sexual energy to achieve a higher degree of consciousness.

Origins and principles of sensual Tantra massage

For its inventors, sexual ritual is one of the ideal means to reach ecstasy and a higher degree of consciousness. Tantra massage is thus a type of massage based on the principles of Tantra including hand movements specific to the masseuse, breathing exercises and stimulation of the genitals. It is a sensual massage requiring the participation of the whole body. It allows a total letting go of the body and the mind. It is the best way to reach the ecstasy and the liberation of body and mind.

The benefits of Tantra massage

Tantra massage is a sensual massage offering various physical, psychological and emotional benefits. For example, it is one of the best remedies against the disastrous effects of stress such as anxiety, nervous tension or emotional imbalances. And there are more benefits…

Elimination of blockages, inhibitions and the control of emotions

In addition to the movements and pressures of the masseuse’s hands on the body, the breathing exercises allow to optimize the relaxation of the muscles and to evacuate the numerous physical and emotional tensions on the one hand, and to anticipate spontaneous responses from the body to different stimuli. Indeed, emotions are also at the heart of this massage offering the opportunity to get rid of emotional blockages that imprison you.

Elimination of stress

At a professional salon specialized in Tantra massage the masseuses are experienced, well trained to get you into a deep relaxation state, into the present moment, here and now, so that you can end a massage session perfectly calm, your stresses melt away. During the massage session, the masseuse will teach you how to breathe and how to control the sexual energy and your reaction to all different body stimuli.

Experiencing pure pleasure and rediscovering sensuality

Tantra massage optimizes the sexual pleasure. The masseuse will gently touch your naked body and will awake the sexual energy with sensual touches and caresses. She will teach you how to lift this giant energy, feel it fill your body and turn into pure pleasure. You get to know your body better, to discover your reaction to different kind of stimulation, and you learn how to control the sexual energy and transform it into pure bliss.

This type of massage allows to be in perfect harmony with the sensations provided by the sexual pleasure. It helps to achieve a good inner balance and to revive a sexual energy or a weakened libido. The control performed by breathing exercises on reactions to sexual stimuli will be of great help to those who suffer from premature ejaculation.

Tantra massage allows you to increase your self-esteem, achieve a deep relaxation state, eliminate blockages and inhibitions, rediscover sensuality, and live a feeling of well-being.