Tantra massage is an old practice that awakens desire and opens the way to a soothing sexuality

Tantra is a science from India, an ancestral discipline that has its roots in Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism. Contrary to what one might think, Tantra massage is not a sexual practice. It is a practice that aims to harmonize the energies, to reconnect the mind and body, and to remove blockages, especially sexual! It is recommended in case of low libido (common in women after menopause), erectile dysfunction or difficulties in reaching orgasm. Sexuality can become natural again.

Tantra massage is more sensual (as it awakens the senses and desire) than sexuality (it is not masturbation)

This unique massage is a solution to revive the sexual life and spice it up, its purpose is to arouse sexual desire. It is an integral massage of the whole body, usually completely naked. It is therefore a type of massage exclusively for adults. It aims to arouse excitement through specific massage techniques applied throughout the body, and with special attention to the erogenous zones.  This type of massage stimulates sexual desire and improves your sexual sensitivity. Performed by professionals specialized in the art of Tantra massage, it can reduce the risk of premature ejaculation and in women, it develops the awakening of sensuality. It does not focus primarily on the erogenous parts, but aims at an ecstasy of the soul by stimulation of the sexual energy as a whole.

Deep relaxation

Soft music, scattered candles in the room, essential oils to perfume the atmosphere, the salon creates a fairy tale atmosphere that is conducive to well-being, deep relaxation and beauty. The massage session encourages the mind to put aside its concerns and naturally evacuate stress. A massage oil is used to smooth the movements and allow the hands of the masseuse to slide over your naked body and to awaken all the senses and gently increase the pleasure. The sexual energy awakes and starts to rise up in the body, harmonizing energy centers and eliminating sexual blockages. The body starts to vibrate under the expert hands of the masseuse and she gradually leads you to ecstasy.

Tantra massage is a method to rediscover your body, sensations and awaken your intimacy as a gift of love

During the massage session you get to rediscover your body, to accept it and to discover new pleasures. Tantra massage is a sacred way, a path of knowledge, a teaching, an art of love that envelops your whole being in order to change the way you look at life. This sacred sexual path means experience, consciousness and vitality. This experience is an approach to live spiritual practices using the body, in the mode of exploration and expression of the sensory, emotional and energetic dimension as a way of improving self-knowledge. The man can experience that he can have an orgasm without ejaculation, because in this dimension the whole body is perceived as erotic and erogenous leading to ecstasy.

The experience of a Tantra massage session is delicious, re-awakens desire and brings a lot of positive things, when body and mind surrender without waiting, just live the moment in ecstasy.