According to the Eastern medical tradition, 380.000 meridians flow through the human body. There are rivers of energy, ways through which the life force flows continuously throughout the body, penetrating it.

The complex system of meridians

We are accustomed to considering the body only from a physical point of view, considering it as a set of nerve bundles, arteries, veins, lymphatic vessels, muscles and bones. However, according to Shiatsu, the physical body is only part of what is a more complex system, made up of a less obvious communication network and which has become the domain of Eastern medicine for several years: the meridian system.

They flow into our body both on the surface and in the deep movement between muscles, nerve bundles and joints that connect with the internal organs. The meridians flow like underground flows that return to the surface at certain points of the body. All their paths are connected to each other. The activity of the meridians is constant and ends with the death of the body.

How Shiatsu massage is done

When we feel pain, we naturally put our hand to rubbing, squeezing and massaging the painful area to relieve it. Massage is the oldest and most effective treatment. The skin friction stimulates the blood circulation and metabolism of the affected area. This action has direct beneficial effects not only on the skin and surrounding muscles, but also on the nerves, blood vessels, cells and organs beneath the skin. The disease occurs when the energy flow along one or more meridians is blocked or unbalanced. The Shiatsu principle or acupressure is the same as that of acupuncture, but is used the finger pressure. Main meridians are used as energy pathways, and classical acupuncture points are therapeutic points. The purpose of the Shiatsu massage is to remove any obstructions, blockages, which do not allow the free flow of vital energy and which are the cause of the diseases that appear in the body. The pressure is made with the fingers or palms on certain points through which the vital energy flows.

The essence of the practice

Shiatsu directly translates to “finger” (shi) and “pressure” (atsu) and aims to facilitate the body’s ability to heal and promote general health and well-being. Touching is the essence of Shiatsu. Pressing on the specific pressure points opens the way for the flow of vital energy into the body. Shiatsu uses gentle stretching and handling techniques. It is a safe and effective treatment. It can help improve many conditions, including, but not limited to: anxiety, headache, arthritis, contracted muscles, swollen joints, depression, insomnia. The pressure points located on the meridians are palpated with the fingers, palms and sometimes with the elbows.

How can Shiatsu help you?

Whether your vital energy has been disturbed by external trauma, such as injury or internal trauma, such as depression or stress, Shiatsu can help. When disorders and disharmony occur, pain and illness occur. If the body does not function efficiently, the basic energy stores are drained, leaving the body less able to cope with the threat of disease, as well as the ordinary demands of life. In Shiatsu, physical touch is used to evaluate the distribution of vital energy throughout the body and to correct any imbalance. By stimulating the person’s immune system, Shiatsu can treat the body as a whole and help restore the physical functions of the nervous and circulatory system, skeletal and muscular structures and internal organs.