Sensual Tantra massage techniques

Tantra massage is not just another name for erotic massage to make it sound fancier. Tantric massage implies specific techniques that provide the whole variety of beneficial effects we’ve already written so much about.
These special techniques are also varied and they don’t only refer to the massage itself. Because Tantric massage is both a type of therapy and a path of spiritual evolution, the person receiving the massage needs to contribute as well. Thus we have two categories of techniques. First  those that the masseuse performs and the client can only enjoy and become aware of their effects. Second those that need the client’s focus and participation.

What the Tantric masseuse does

A Tantric masseuse needs to know the basic, classic massage as well, because any Tantric massage session begins with a relaxation part. She needs to know all the maneuvers and anatomy necessary to get the entire body in a profound state of relaxation.
Apart from the classic human body anatomy of the muscles and bones, the Tantric masseuse needs to know her way around yet another type of map of the body. The human being is a whole structured on several distinct levels. Given that Tantra is an all-integrative philosophy and practice, Tantric massage aims to generate effects. And also harmonise all the levels of the being.


Therefore, a Tantric masseuse’s actions will reverberate in your body – improving your health, in your mind and emotions – enhancing your psychological well-being, and all this will grant you easier access to your conscience. Thus, you will feel more aware, more present in the moment, more peaceful and attentive: the perfect premises for self-development.
This second map we’ve mentioned is based on the initiatic knowledge of certain spots and areas of the body and how to massage them. These special places on the body activate effects on all levels of the being. They relax the body more thoroughly and trigger the release of certain hormones and the emission of certain nervous impulses. These impulses will lead to the healing of the organs they are related with, balance improvement of the body’s systems. They also calm your mood and mind, regenerate your organism, providing you with a generral state of peace and quiet.

What you need to add to the masseuse’s skills

This is what the masseuse can do on her own. She can relax your body, emotions and mind and harmonize them for the time being. For further effects, the client’s attention and contribution is needed. As we’ve written before, these effects include the spectacular improvement of the sexual performance, cathartic healing processes and a tremendous boost of the self-esteem, self-confidence, focus, will-power, creativity, happiness, quality of life, affection and empathy.

In order to achieve all this, the main techniques are based on breathing exercices and focus of attention, together with a constant state of awareness and being present in the moment, performed by the client while the masseuse is doing certain maneuvers and guiding him/her step by step.
The Tantric masseuse will guide your way through the processes of transmutation and sublimation of your sexual potential. This way you get to use your sexuality to the fullest, discovering its depth and its use beyond pleasure and reproduction.

More about Tantra

Tantra teaches us to use our sexuality as fuel for self-development and spiritual evolution. It is the most pleasant and effective way to continuously become the best version of ourselves. Every session of Tantric massage is a journey of self-discovery, of healing, of pushing our limits further and further until we eventually transcend them.
During Tantric massage one can reach deep states of meditation. There are more and more medical, neurological and psychological studies showing that meditation constitutes highly efficient therapy for both the body and mind. The ability to meditate implies modifying your state of consciousness at will. It is, therefore, and act of self-control.

The entire Tantric pilosophy and practice is based on self-control. The method for Tantric evolution is controlling our resources and energies. We do this  in order to alchemise the inferior ones into fuel for achieving our goals. In other words, Tantra makes it all possible.

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