What it takes to be an authentic Tantric masseuse?

Tantric massage isn’t just erotic massage. Generally people don’t know this, and so they don’t know what a Tantric masseuse is and does. One can’t appreciate a service unless they know what it is and what doing it implies. This is why we found it fit and actually necessary to describe what is needed in order to be able to practice this massage in all its authenticity.

The basic

Tantric massage starts off with relaxation maneuvers. These are basic massage techniques that every professional should know. It implies knowledge of the human body anatomy, empathy, smoothness. Also it implies  knowing how to feel the muscle’s degree of tension and how hard it needs to be pressed accordingly. There are special moves for each part of the body, how to grasp, pinch and slide along every muscle.
Relaxation massage involves the whole body, its aim being to reach a complete state of relaxation, releasing all the tension. This has highly beneficial effects both on the physical health and on the psychological well-being.


Eroticism to another level

The next stage is sensual. It implies knowledge of the erogenous zones, how each needs to be stimulated, and a high degree of empathy because of the huge individual differences when it comes to experiencing pleasure. There are also specific maneuvers, including body massage techniques. Body massage is a rather complex art when practiced thoroughly, the number of moves and combinations possible being astounding.
Given that Tantra is all about controling intensity while experiencing it to the fullest, the masseuse needs to be an expert in sexuality. She needs to be able to guide the client in discovering the depths of his/her own eroticism and learning how to manage it. She has to control the degree of pleasure she is awakening, in order to take the client on a gradual journey of self-discovery.


Into the depths

Because sexuality is so deeply embeded in our lives, it is connected to everything – emotions, feelings, thoughts, behavioural patterns, personality and achievments. When diving deep into one’s erotic side, lots of unexpected things can come to surface. Cathartic processes are quite often, together with all sorts of revelations about one’s self, distant memories are remembered, one can come into contact with one’s self sometimes even in dramatic ways.
The masseuse needs to be able to manage all this, to support the customer, comfort them, calm them down and help them face everything and heal. Given how dull life is nowadays due to all this social rush and pressure, we aren’t really used to intensity. Experiencing highly intense states is many times scary at first, without having the proper assistance.


Homework for Tantric masseuse

Authentic Tantric masseuses know a lot of techniques that they teach their costumers. This way the costumers can benefit from private practice, independent from going to their regular massage sessions. At Tao erotic massage in Bucharest you can find out numerous techniques you can practice in order to reach perfect self-control. That will be of tremendous help in the process of self-discovery.
There are methods you can use during love-making, or others that involve meditation. Some of them you can practice regardless of where you are and the outer activities you are engaged in. Every moment of your life is perfectly useful to know yourself, evolve, and enjoy life in a vaster and more delicious way.

In truth

In order to be a good Tantric masseuse, you need to have done quite a great deal of self-discovery and development yourself. We recommend your need to be someone who has explored herself fearlessly on many levels – emotional, erotic, mental, behavioral. You have to know what breaking bariers is like and also you need to know how to overcome the fear of the unknown. You must have the experience of what it feels like when nasty things come to surface and the capacity to accept and embrace them as a first step in evolution and change.
Also, serious erotic experience is needed. One has to have a fulfilling amorous life in order to guide others in knowing their sexuality. You have to have discovered yourself what durable, intense pleasure is like, know its cathartic power, its life-changing effects.

Only in this way you can show people that there is much more to sexuality than they have ever dreamt before.


An authentic Tantric masseuse opens eyes and changes lives. It’s not just big talk. When you can get people to experience themselves the reality of multiple orgasms (whether they are men or women), the multitude of types of orgasms (women can reach over 10), the fulfillment of pleasure so intense that you become limitless, that’s when you are an authentic Tantric masseuse.