The real benefits of the prenatal tantric massage

Healthy mom, healthy baby

In the last years, medical research and investigation had proven lot of benefits of the therapeutic massage in improving overall prenatal health for pregnant women.

The number of the studies is relatively small but one study at the University of Miami School of Medicine bring news. The study suggests that prenatal massage has multiple positive effects.

One of the benefits of the tantric prenatal massage is that women can begin therapy at any point of their pregnancy. This is different from the normal massage, where there are several precautions to take into consideration.

Nevertheless, the variety of procedures in the tantric massage, its flexibility and large range of creative techniques is making it a useful tool for specific or restricted situations.


A tantric prenatal massage has many potential benefits as to reduce back and joint pain. Also massage will reduce oedema and muscle tension and will improve oxygenation of soft tissues. We must mention of course it will diminish stress and anxiety and also provide a better sleep.

We all know that a regular tantric massage ease the labour process as well.
Along with the guidance and advices of your prenatal care provider, the tantric prenatal massage can be easily included in your weekly routine.

It can be an emotional and physical supplement to improve the health of both the mother and the foetus.


There is nothing like a good tantric massage

You must know tantric therapeutic massage has been used for centuries to improve the overall health of women! This is a very delicate period of their life and pregnancy health is very important.
We know now that women who received tantric prenatal massages often had a significant increase of dopamine level and also serotonin level. Studies starting  ( 1-2 times a wekk for at least 5 weeks


This will increase better mood regulation and improves cardiovascular health.

The mother and the foetus are intimately connected, sharing almost everything for nine months. Therefore, if the mother is relaxed and happy, the foetus will be as well.

The swelling of the joints or oedema is one of the major problems women have to cope with during pregnancy. The tantric massage movements aim to improve lymphatic and blood circulation, through the mild pressure given to the muscles.

It thus reduces the collection of fluids in swollen joints and improves the removal of the toxins and metabolic waste carried by the lymphatic system.


Sciatic nerve pain is experienced by many women in advances stages of their pregnancy. The uterus rests on the muscles of the pelvic floor and lower back, thus putting pressure on the muscles nearby.

The tantric prenatal massage brings a significant reduction in sciatic nerve pain. This will release the muscle tension and encourage the blood flow in the afflicted areas.

Observations about prenatal tantric massage

The tantric massage is just the perfect way to restore the balance and release sexual tensions with diminished sexual activity.


Even though a trained tantric massage therapist will know where the sore spots of a pregnant woman are likely to be.  It is still important to communicate with him and tell him where you need more attention.