The key to legendary manliness?

Issues and improvement possibilities such as testicle massage

The solution to problems such as infertility, low sex drive, low testosterone levels, atrophied testicles, and urinary dysfunctions lies quite literally in your hands.

We recommend testicle massage in many situations, such as  if you have none of these problems and just wish for harder erections.

We all know that this massage will get you get stronger sex drive, enhanced sperm production and quality or simply bigger testicles.
What you need to improve your sexual function and performance and the health of your urinary system is testicle massage!


It is the ideal fix for both the physiological and psychological causes that lie at the root of all the aforementioned issues.


Psychologically, feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, fear and low self-esteem can seriously damage your body’s sexual function, drastically affecting your sexual performance and strength of your swimmers.

Testicles are the sensitive part of your genitalia, both physically and emotionally. Taking good care of them will tremendously calm down all these emotional disorders.

These effects are much stronger if the massage is performed by your partner.


It will also make you feel accepted, loved, appreciated, validated and cared for. With practice, you will find that testicle massage is deeply relaxing and regenerating, boosting your manliness to its true potential.
Physiologically, the optimum testosterone production per day is 4-7mg. However, for many men we know it’s dropped to 1-2mg daily. This drastic decrease is due to the psychological factors we’ve just mentioned, plus endocrine damaging chemicals, intake of fat soluble vitamins and a general heat excess in the genital area.


Effects and improvement of testicle massage

Testicle massage relaxes this entire area, stimulates blood flow, increases testosterone and sperm production, regenerates your testes, enhancing your sexual performance. You know that both the quantity and the quality of your semen will be boosted?

Testosterone production doesn’t only have effects on your body, but also your psychic. This hormone makes us feel strong, dominant, capable, willing to act. The level of your self-esteem will naturally go up together with the testosterone one.
The actual massage is very pleasurable and easy to perform. You can do it yourself, ask for your partner’s help or have it included in a professional Tantric massage session.

How to make a testicle massage and what to expect from this method? Read more on our next article…Till then just call us and we can make real things happen!