Tantra massage can lead to orgasm

The refinement and intensification of pleasure through touch-tantra massage causes the human
being to awaken the capacity to experience deep states of orgasm, intense
totality and thus the human being is allowed to intuit the absolute.

Tantra massage can expend consciousness

In many situations, not only do humans no longer have the training to experience very
intense states, because of this inability to refine these states they limit
themselves, even limit their ability to experience deep and intense states to a
certain level and this is seen for example in the impact that those states have on
those beings and even how such heavenly states reflect on those around them.
Practicing mindful attunement in this manner, when we apply these elements
leads to increased capacity for expansion of consciousness and the effects that
arise from that expansion, because the attunement achieved in this mindful
manner is a very effective exercise in expansion of consciousness.

Tantra massage is not just a contact on the skin

Touching is not just a contact on the surface of the skin but rather the contact between the
consciousness of the two human beings touching, expressed on the skin through
the sense of touch. This is how an initiate in these mysteries looks at the touch,
and it takes on spiritual and even magical significance. It is not by chance that in
many traditions we find magical gestures that in one way or another involve a
touch, a gesture that ends with touch, and even says Touched by the wing of love,
by the guardian angel. In magical gestures the effect is concretised by a touch.

Tantra massage a gate to our soul
For the initiate in this mystery, this shows the magical valence that tantra massage
acquires, but only when viewed from this initiatory perspective, because
otherwise it remains obviously a manifestation of the sense of touch with its
energetic aspects that we know in relation to all the senses. But as far as the
sense of touch is concerned, in fact, we are dealing with certain manifestations
which are quite special and which, for the initiate, represent a true gateway to
the soul, and it is not by chance that when we enter into intimate relationships,
the sense of touch gradually takes on its most important dimension. And even at
a certain moment lovers close their eyes, they sink into this frenzy of touch and
caressing which, not by chance, has this valence of expansion of consciousness.

Tantra massage a way a daily routine
In view of its great importance, especially and from the perspective of the
closeness that exists in today’s world at the affective level tantra massage has become an
art that has been encouraged, and in ancient even developed societies it was
even part of public education and even considered in certain communities as
being a civic obligation to maintain the health of society because it was found
that people who are not sufficiently touched and cuddled become a problem,

become a social problem. At times in certain societies massage was part of so

called daily hygiene, such as bathing, gymnastics, spiritual practice or teeth
brushing. It was part of maintaining health and daily hygiene.