Tantra massage aim in Kama Sutra

In the Kama-Sutra it is indicated, for example, that tantra maasage massage is an
invigorating ingredient that can be included during amorous foreplay, especially
when there are certain blockages in the amorous manifestation. When there is a
kind of slowing down, when the fire of passion is ignited more slowly, the
beginning is recommended to be carried out in this way.

The value of tantra massage in modern times

In modern times we can see that the importance of  tantra massage and the art of conscious touch is becoming
quite an important ingredient in the harmonious development of the human
being. Contact through conscious touch has been almost completely replaced by
modern ways of communication and an attitude of alienation, of alienation from
ourselves, of alienation, not surprisingly this is even the most common
expression of inner sadness. Nowadays, if you read the statistics on what people
report, how they feel, this expression is the most common – I feel alienated, I feel
alienated from my own being, I feel alienated. This state of disconnection and
alienation has dramatic repercussions on the state of health in general and it
exacerbates very much the egoic attitude, especially that dominated by the mind,

which is also the result of the loss of this habit of touching reality in a
conscious way, of getting in touch, of maintaining this contact as deeply as
possible, which we learn in a concrete way through these conscious touches. For
many people touch has become a lost language, a secret that needs to be
revealed and practiced. In the past people knew these things, had these
fundamentals and practiced them.

Tantra masage a way to feed our souls

Conscious touch continues to be an essential form of
nourishment of the soul, a source of health, relaxation of joy and happiness, and
as exposed and a royal entry on the spiritual path. From this perspective it would
be for public health, would be to open these centers as wellness – such a place
would have a huge impact – it would help them of it soul starvation. Touch is the
direct language of the heart. We learn to open and stay open at the heart level.