A touch is the discovery of the mystery beyond the limits of our consciousness.
When we touch we actually expand our consciousness into the unknown,
therefore with the appropriate transfiguration touching can be a liberating
gesture that dissolves the boundaries of our consciousness, that awakens in our
being certain healing powers and heals ourselves of certain states of
confinement, blockages, etc. Touching is the action that helps us to effectively
remove blockages while keeping communication alive and operational. When we
connect with each other in a deep way we can easily feel the play of polarity and
therefore restore polarity to the polar and loving couple as well. And this
polarity, as we shall see, manifests itself in the gesture of touch.


Moreover touch reveals the spontaneous capacity we have to receive and offer pleasurable
aspects, to receive and offer pleasure and all that it brings or awakens in our
being. We know that through constant touching and caressing we can awaken in
our being a state of exaltation that starts from the senses and then awakens
deeper and deeper aspirations, higher desires and from this perspective, with
the necessary transfiguration touch can be used, engaged precisely to restore
this state of intimacy.


It is, when properly engaged, the gateway to an
increasingly subtle interaction with those around us, with the environment, and
it is what drives our consciousness to meet the other and directs this interaction
towards direct communication and assimilation. Because otherwise they
constantly install these formalisms of communication, these defensive walls and
unfortunately these aspects are underestimated at present, they simply think
that if they open their eyes they are in touch with the world. If they have sent a message or if they have made one of these formal communication approaches, they have reached a deep contact, and this maintains these blocks that isolate us. This exercise of openness then allows us to have the natural ability to inspire, to
touch the hearts of those who are ready. Reaching out is a fundamental exercise.