Hello to everyone. I am Steve and I entered different websites, tutorials and stuff I could find on internet to search experiences similar with mine. I am a fun of the erotic massages, of the massages in general, but I like the sensual and erotic ones the best and I like to discuss this with friends. Not only with friends, with unknown guys even via internet…

My first experience in a saloon for erotic massage was like two years ago and since then I try to “steel” two or three hours now in a while to spend them there… As I am with business in Bucharest for almost four years, it’s here where I’ve tried all these massages.

I had many nice moments in these two years since I’ve met the erotic massage here, in Bucharest. It was quite a surprise the time spent there. I tried it out of curiosity, then I came back out of… almost need. Well, maybe I am exaggerating a bit and I don’t want to give you the impression that this is something without which I can’t live anymore. I am not like addicted, or something, he-he. But I guess anyone fells at least once in a while the need to offer himself something extraordinary, something really out of ordinary.
Something that always calls me back for these experiences is the multitude of states, beneficial states I have there. I am aware about most of the “play” of the energies, and aware, in the same time, about the ability of the masseuse to get me in those estates. Because if it weren’t be for her ability and knowledge of the flow of the energies, I doubt the whole experience can get as terrific as it gets.

The good estates start for me from the moment the nice lady opens the door and invite me in. In fact, on a second thought, from the moment I decide I do have at least two hour to spend them there. Joking, of course, but with a little tiny truth in it…because only the thought that I will relax and live other beautiful things there makes me automatically feel good and happy.

And when I lie there completely at the disposal of her adroit hands, I know pleasure is about to start. And to last. Relaxation, welfare, peace, tranquility. This happens always, no matter how tensioned I come from the work, no matter how stressful was my day… And the peace felt in the heart grows to the end of massage so much that in the end I simply don’t want it to finish. I even ask myself if it really has to end or it could be possible that time could stop its course… and this is not a joke but last time I even experienced something so different, so special and extraordinary that I just felt the need to share this experience with the others.

I especially asked for more maneuvers on the chest zone and at the head area. The pleasure felt during that particular session was so intense that I felt the need to uplift it, to make it go in an ascendant way with big force. So at the end of the massage, the young masseuse repeated some maneuvers for this areas of the body and the peace felt in those moments was really amplified. And then appeared this state in which it seemed that time itself didn’t existed anymore. There was only happiness and a silent joy, a very-very deep and calm joy. I felt like living in an eternal moment with no start or ending.

I didn’t know how much it lasted at the time, only after, looking at the watch, I realized it was much longer then I supposed. I left that particular massage session with a deep gratitude and something like a secret known only by me. The secret of how extraordinary you may feel when there doesn’t exist time anymore, but living it, in the same moment, at its full potential.