The erotic massage is a strong call addressed to both men and women for experiencing special and extraordinary moments of pleasure and controlled pleasure. This indirect call is nowadays more and more heard over the whole word. More and more saloons for massage and places of this enchantment open in different countries. Among that, in Romania, the best well-known places like these are to be found in Bucharest. The erotic and sensual massage offered here is an unforgivable experience.

The erotic and the sensual massage is a gate for enchanting estates, delicious feelings and an opened manner of expressing the sensations. If is well-realized, it can become something unique and very special. Using the erotic energies in a superior manner (along with techniques for sublimating the energies) is a different modality of appealing these very important energies in the human being, the erotic ones. The erotism and the sensuality are strong feelings and aspects with lot of impact in people’s live. This determines a big impact of the actions involving them. People are so much oriented towards sexuality and everything that has to do with sensuality, that using these dimensions brings along a lot of energy.

The power that can characterize such an experience
This experience of an erotic massage can be a very strong one, full of power and very important. There are many factors that lead to it. All of them must be taken in consideration when trying to search out and discover where from comes all this power. Why is this experience so powerful in many cases? The reason that it addresses to the erotically and sexual energies in the being is just one of the reasons. But there are more. The fact that in a special erotic massage and in the tantric ones we aim to sublimate the energies at the superior levels, may constitute another reason.

We also rend account of the energies manifested by the masseuse, the energies that she herself has, not only those that she awakens in the being of the guest. The stronger she is as a person, the more beautiful and harmonious she is, the bigger will be the energies that she will manifest or create. She knows her work can be very important, that it can have strong therapeutically effects and it can determine real transformation in the being of the guest.

The erotic and the sensual massage aims to awaken the erotically energies in the being, to harmonize them and to lift them up at superior levels. It works over relaxed parts of the body, so first we have this profound relaxation of the physical body. Everything works better when it comes to massage if the body is as relaxed as possible. Then, on the same parts of the body that were previously relaxed, we apply certain sensual moves, certain techniques and sensual touches which are the true keys in the erotic massage.

The strong feelings and effects of the erotic massage lead to powerful transformation
This is another aspect which talks about force and power: the feelings generated in the massage and, subsequently, the transformation towards they lead. The sensations felt during an erotic massage can be very powerful. If they last long enough, they will determine a certain transformation. This is the power and the magic of such a massage, the transformation towards it leads and this is a major aspect in considering such an experience.