The erotic and sensual massages share with the tantric massages the interest, the power and even the art of the sensations. It is the magic world of extraordinary perceptions, special feelings and deep sensations that enchants anyone who tries the experience of the massage.

Entering the world of the massages means, in the same time, entering in a very different world where the ones that rule it are the delicious sensations and extraordinary pleasure. As a difference from other types of massages, for example the therapeutically types of massages, the erotic and sensual ones emphasizes a lot more the sensations appeared during the entire session. There, in the therapeutically massages, the accent is put on the effects determined in the muscles or in the energetically meridians, if we speak about the taoist massage, for example, the sensations felt are just a little part of what the guest may perceive. But in the erotic massage, as well as in the tantric massage, also, the guest concentrates more on the sensations appeared. The specific of these types of massages is the pleasure, the welfare obtained by increasing the pleasure and the enchantment and they express mostly through the sensations.

Different types of sensations during the whole session of erotic massage
The sensations in the erotic or tantric massage are subsequent to the maneuvers and techniques that are used, step by step. When the relaxation part of the massage enchants the guest with its power of taking away all the stresses and with the tension releasing in the muscles, the sensations are more similar with the ones felt in the therapeutically massage. The impact of the relaxation is the most significant here. But when, for example, the masseuse begins her maneuvers from the body-to-body massage and the sensual touches all over the body of the guest, then there is a completely different world of sensations that he enters in that moment. The perceptions now are due to the flow of the erotically energies, the sensuality that fills, step by step, the whole body of the guest and the delight that extend to every little part of his body. They reach now their best, their maximum of strength and, in the same time, they are the most desirable in the whole session.

But there are other types of sensations, also, not only those came from relaxation or the sensual ones. The masseuse knows also the power of calming the mind of the guest, of bringing the peace in his heart and making him enter in contact with deeper aspects of his being. So as the tantric philosophy teaches, the relaxation is just a first step to enter in more profound estates and, from these point of view, the inner peace that can be obtained in a tantric or erotic massage is facilitated by the relaxation. The feelings that appear when the guest experiments profound stillness and estates of deep calm are even more then only sensations. They are deeper and last longer.

The guest baths in a multitude of sensations
The sensations appeared in an erotic massage can please very much the guest, even when he comes for the first time. And as the massage goes on or even if he returns for another session of massage, he will discover new and new pleasures and sensations, seeming without ending. As the salons of tantric and erotic massage in Bucharest teaches, the sensations felt in a massage can really have the power of putting you into another world.