Best oil for erotic massage, coconut oil

Here, at Tao Erotic Massage in Bucharest we only use 100% natural coconut oil because we want to make sure that our services truly are premium quality. This is our choice in order to make your experience here perfectly pleasurable and healthy.

Oil qualities

Firstly, any natural massage oil is highly beneficial for the skin. Let’s be honest, how many of us actually drink enough water per day? Having oil massaged into your skin is a very nurturing and hydrating treatment. The tap water we shower with and bathe in is treated with lots of chemicals which are damaging for the skin, making it dry and age faster. Add to that the chemicals in all the cosmetics and you basically have the explanation for most of the skin problems. Oil makes our skin healthy, elastic, smooth, soft and even has rejuvenating effects.


Apart from all these beneficial qualities of any oil, coconut oil is a true miracle substance. It can be eaten, used as treatment for various illnesses and dieases or as a highly efficient cosmetic product for the skin, hair and nails. Rich in vitamins and minerals (vitamin E, vitamin K, iron, to mentioan but a very few), it does wonders for our body.

There are two reasons why coconut oil is our massage oil choice: it is healthy for the skin and highly hygenic.

Amazing effects for the skin

For the skin, not only is it very hydrating and nurturing, it is actually healing. It has efficient healing effects for scars, burns and sun-burns (also protecting against UV), and it is very soothing in any case of any skin irritation. Given these qualities, it can even be used instead of shaving cream and after shave. It is also effective against mosquito bites, or bites of various other insects (ants, spiders, wasps). Moreover, coconut oil is successfully used in treating many trouble-making skin disorders such as acne and stretch marks. Also, if you have varicose veins, this oil is a key treatment for you. Furthermore, it also heals warts and any type of skin fungi.


Part of the above mentioned effects are due to the lauric acid it contains, which makes it so wonderfully hygenic. Coconut oil is an efficient antibiotic, it is anti-inflamatory, antiparasitic and antifungal. It is a genuine medical treatment for the skin. It both heals and protects against a large multitude of diseases.

Other good reasons for using oil for erotic massage

There’s also other reasons why we chose coconut oil to be our massage oil. For men, it stimulates the production of testosterons. For women, it is super beneficial for the… profound erotic massage, the massage of the vagina, that is. Coconut oil is amazing as a lubricant, being smooth, soothing, hygenic and healing. It is a wonderful product for the inside lady parts, for it nurtures and cleanses. It is, thus, effective in balancing vaginal flora in case of minors disorders.


And last but not least, it is a very pleasant product from any point of view. It has a delicious smell, and a wonderful texture which make body-to-body massage absolutely extatic. Welcome to Tao Erotic Massage in Bucharest! The sensation of the masseuse’s breasts sliding against your body has never felt so great before…