How to regain your balance and harmony through tantric sensual massage

Polarity and need for harmony

The need for a balance between two opposite things or aspects was long associated with the need of balance and harmony between ideas, feelings and concepts. Thus, the dual character of all things has been observed, analysed and later on used by the Tantric tradition since antiquity.

From the energetic point of view, this need for a certain balance is expressed through polarity. The polarity reflects a world of duality: feminine-masculine, Moon-Sun, dark-light, down-up, left-right, minus-plus, cold-hot, root-top, etc. Nowadays this concept is more well known under the name borrowed from Chinese tradition, as yin and yang.


Polarity surrounds us even without our knowledge, in every day of our life. From the smallest constituents of our structures (like the polarity proton-electron within the atom), to the specialisation and lateralisation of the left and right brain hemispheres and the two poles of the magnetic field of each body in the universe.

But the most important aspect we should keep in our mind about this old Tantric concept is the fact that each system tends to reach a state of balance between its two dual halves.

Balance through tantric massage

You know everything is made out of both yin and yang energies. Nevertheless, proportions do vary and fluctuate continuously, based on several factors. That is why we have a permanent need to balance and harmonize ourselves.

The energetic balance might be obtained through multiple modalities, like Qi Gong, Yoga or Tai Qi. Food and nutrition play an important role as well. As do the colors we wear more often. And even our own alignment along the main magnetic fields’ force lines around us.

But for those who adopted the regular sensual massage as a life style, this can play an essential key in regaining the energetic balance.


The first energetic balance is made through the polarity between the persons involved in the Tantric massage itself. In the case of sensual massage I recommend for women to receive the massage from a man. And the opposite, the men should receive a sensual massage from a woman. Thus, the energetic balance might begin ever since the first contact.

Hands, four hands massage and so on..

The alternative use of the hands, left and right, can balance as well. A diversity of the movements: up and down, lateral and center, centripetal-centrifugal, etc., contributes a lot for balancing the energies.


Unblocking the tensed energies and dispersing the stagnant ones bring more energetic supplies towards the deficit areas. Thus, the sensual massage helps tremendously for the global harmony of the being.

These processes of balance and energisation might be felt beyond physical and energetic levels. The tantric massage has deep, beneficial echoes within the psychic, mental and spiritual spheres as well.

The energy of life might then flow freely, surpassing the external factors’ conditioning. Your emotional and physical sufferings brought by energetic deficiencies are thus calmed down and healed. And this proves once more the tantric wisdom, that chose to have the sensual massage as a treatment, among others.

Still, the tantric sensual massage has many complex faces. It can also include the use of plants, oils, minerals, etc… But about all these ancient tantric technics we shall speak in detail in our future articles.