For those who really want to discover the fascinating mysteries of the Taoist massage, we made this article that brings to light the benefits of the body to body massage. For some this means a true massage art and an unique experience of intimacy and sensuality. Those who only heard about this massage, they think that is a kind of erotic massage, where the interaction is becoming more and more intense, with a sexual nature only. But in reality it is not like that! A true master in the art of the Taoist massage will make from this body to body massage, a ritual of sensuality and awakening of the senses, but without losing any second the control of sexual energy, the attention is directed to the higher centers of energy (chakras) and not to ordinary sexuality.
44The first benefit is the extraordinary experience that is realized during this type of massage. Many who once tried body to body massage in Bucharest, lived unique moments and declared themselves delighted by the sensations they felt. In fact, people, especially men, reach a very high relaxation level during this massage, and this helps to activate the emotional body, and feel the vibration in the whole body. Because everyday we do not live constantly this kind of emotion and stress, worries and society does not allow us to enjoy what we really are, during this experience body to body, whole our being relaxes at physically, mentally and emotionally, and inside it hosts a festival of the senses and elevate pleasure.

Another benefit of this type of massage is the energy exchange that takes place between two beings. Normally, the one who makes this massage has some knowledge on Oriental techniques. Working with energies is not easy and handy. During Tantric or Taoist massages type, we work on energy points on the energy meridians, unlocking them where needed. So first, Taoist master knows sublimation energy techniques, breathing techniques and sexual control methods. This ensures a high energy level, good health and fascination. When a person interacts with another being, even at a distance of 1 m, there is an exchange of energy. During the body to body massage practically you absorb energy in your being from those who are around you. Beneficial exchange of energy occurs when two beings are mentally and emotionally open enough.


When we do a massage the physical body relaxes, eliminating stress, depression and anxiety. Thus body to body massage has a therapeutic effect. Besides that helps remove dead skin cells and improve skin tone, blood flow is stimulated and thus occur health benefits. Massage can also stimulate tissue regeneration. Full body massage can release endorphins, which act as a treatment for pain in the body. Massage helps relieve headaches. Our body contains many energetically points and if you press them, not only with hands but also with other parts of the body, they release energy blockages and stresses gathered all along the day. Massage also helps to release certain hormones that soothe the mind, thoughts and depression. A new perspective on life, more optimism and more positive thoughts, can be acquired just from a massage session. If we add the learning of an energy control method, we can say that a Taoist massage it is a therapeutic massage for whole being physically, mentally and emotionally.

Among the best reasons of the body to body massage include the amplification of intimacy and love. It is recommended that couples realize this massage to explore erogenous zones and increase intimacy in the bedroom. Often, because of daily life, we forget to connect in the heart with the beloved, forget to pay attention and to give love to the one we love. Hence all sorts of frustrations, misunderstandings, lack of communication and fear, jealousy and quarrels. A massage, even once a week did each other in a romantic, intimate way, can turn a usual relationship into a healthy, fascinating and happy one. When two bodies interacting naked and uninhibited, with fine touches and slow movements, erotic energy is amplified, both are refined and intense emotional states can be lived. It is recommended to start with a relaxing massage, intense but not to ruin the atmosphere. Rub in particular areas frequently affected by stress (shoulders, head, feet, hands and back). Then you can easily switch to an erotic massage. Once you feel that your beloved is sufficiently relaxed, we can use more oil and lie down on his naked body. With slow but profound movements, using feet, hands, chin, elbows and almost the entire body you can fully body massage your boyfriend / girlfriend. From here, imagination can go so far, it is important to know how far we want to go and keep the elevated state of the Taoist massage.With this information, you should try at least once this Tao body to body massage in Bucharest, to find all these benefits and more. Whether experienced in a salon or in dormitory, this massage is always a thrilling experience.