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The size of sexual organs

  Penis and Vagina tantric classification:Oriental traditions have paid great attention to the genitals of both men and women. Indian sexual treaties divide them into three classes according to their size and recommends matching between lovers, as harmoniously as possible. [...]

The size of sexual organs2020-01-10T14:40:18+02:00

Brain versus Penis

  We all know that making love involves mostly male erection and sexual desire. But all these are connected and controlled by a single organ - the brain. Regular sexual activity has a significant impact on our lives, stimulates mental [...]

Brain versus Penis2020-01-10T14:40:04+02:00

Body to body massage in Bucharest

For those who really want to discover the fascinating mysteries of the Taoist massage, we made this article that brings to light the benefits of the body to body massage. For some this means a true massage art and an [...]

Body to body massage in Bucharest2019-01-25T12:58:17+02:00


  Since ancient times, people have used aphrodisiacs for sexual energy. In the oriental tradition of medicine, science of aphrodisiacs constitutes an important separate branch, along with surgery, pediatrics or psychiatry. In the East, they were considered plants that restore [...]


What benefits can you get if you don’t ejaculate?

Nowadays, men think that orgasm means to ejaculate. But things are not like that! Ejaculation and orgasm are two separate moments. Stopping ejaculation and redirect sexual energy in the head by practicing sexual continence methods has no negative effect, only [...]

What benefits can you get if you don’t ejaculate?2016-05-27T09:29:31+03:00
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