The masseuse has to know very well the art of the tantric massage

The masseuse must have a great capacity to induce relaxation in the other person. Also must have capacity to determine therapeutically effects over him and to create a state of welfare in general.


The state of relaxation in the tantric massage is not different from that in other types of massages. The general note is quite different as here the predominance is the sensuality. So we add at the slow and soft touches the sensual moves, the soft pressure, slow speed and body-to-body maneuvers.

About sensual massage now

The sensual massage is included in the tantric massage but not also in a simple massage for relaxation.  The sensuality has a very important place here and plays an extraordinary role. This is why the masseuse has to be a very sensual person, beautiful and pleasant.

Erotic energies in tantric massage

As the tantric massage works with the erotically energies, it is a whole lot better if the masseuse has her own erotically energies awaken, harmonious and effervescent.

This refined sensuality does not remain just a simple and underground quality in her being! The sensuality live for real during each experience of tantric massage. And, of course, the effervescence of the energies goes together with youth.


Beauty in erotic tantric massage

Along with the sensuality, the beauty is also another characteristic which enchants the sight and offers a general state of welfare. Normally, many beautiful women choose to perform the tantric massage comparing it with simple massages for relaxation. But this require only the knowledge of the massage .

Energies in erotic tantra massage

The state of self-confidence of the masseuse is also necessary as she has to do with important energies of the human being, human being who is, literally, ”in her hands”.


The two beings are in close contact. The state felt by the masseuse can be felt also by the one receiving the massage, so a state of complete self-confidence will offer calm and peace for the one being massaged.

So, feel free to enjoy our erotic massages!

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