The perfect Thai Massage also known as Nuad Boran

The session of Thai Massage (Nuad Boran) is performed on the floor, on a mattress or blankets.

Both the therapist and the receiver wear clothes made of natural fibers. The massage is done from head to toes, making pressures with hands, fingers, elbows, forearms, knees, feet, as needed. Therefore alternating with stretches in different areas of the body. Eliminating thus diverse blockages on the lines of energy.


Specifications on performing thai massage

The Thai massage practitioner uses their body weight while the client uses his or her breath control to move deeper into and out of each posture. Working together, the therapist and the client can obtain a more thorough massage than when working alone. Working within a safe range of motion the practitioner alternates between gentle and deeper techniques. These are in order  to help the client release tension and open up the flow of energy and vitality.

Therapy or not therapy?

By working in this way, the receiver is released from accumulated tension, stress, pain, increases flexibility and range of joint movements. Also  improves his/her posture, amplifies his/her energy level and achieves a state of well-being and peace.


Our establishment is not a medical center! We must tell you this in order to find our treatments not medical ones!