The body-to-body massage is one of the peculiarities of the Tantra massage. And not any peculiarity, but one that offers an extra delight and magnetism.

The body-to-body massage in a real tantric massage

The body-to-body massage is a part of the Tantra massage. To say it more exactly, it is part of the sensual massage and it is a distinctive note for all types of massage which are based on the sensuality (for example, the tantric massage or the simple sensual massage).

The other components of the tantric massage (the massage for relaxation, the massage using special points from pressopuncture or the meridians) are in a harmonious reunion.

The body-to-body massage has a special place in the tantric massage. It comes after the relaxation of those parts of the body on which it is applied. Body-to-body massage offers more sensuality, upgrading the estate of welfare already obtained through the relaxation of the muscles. It means massaging the body of the guest with different parts of the masseuse’s body.

If in the tantric massage, as if in any massage, the main maneuvers of the massage and the main moves are made with the hands, besides this, there are also maneuvers realized with other parts of the body. These may be: the hair, the chin, the breasts, the stomach, the elbows, the knees, the bottom of the masseuse. Their alternation is in correlation with her skills and abilities.

The state of sensuality of the masseuse is very important

In the body-to-body massage, the sensuality reaches the maximum level. The tantric massage is a sensual massage by excellency, but there are certain keys through which the sensuality is manifested and improved harmoniously. The body-to-body massage is one of these keys. The sensuality is obtained in the tantric massage also by different aspects which are not related to the techniques.

Masseuse erotism during erotic massage

For example, we can speak about the estate of the masseuse. She must be a sensual being, with awaken erotically energies, with an harmony at the level of the eroticism and with the acceptance of her own feminism. Besides her estate, the moves realized by the masseuse, and, more exactly, the manner in which she makes them. We speak here about slow moves, about soft touches, about the intention of ”enshrouding” the body of the guest. Then comes the body-to-body massage.

Through the body-to-body massage, the intimacy rises very much. Now the note of sensuality reaches the maximum level. The erotically energies of the one receiving the massage, already awaken, enters now in a state of effervescence. He feels now real happiness and pleasure by this direct contact, completely different from the classical massages for relaxation. Because the body-to-body massage is found only in the sensual massages. Even if, for example, the sensual massages contains also sensual soft touches, without aiming at the ascendant directing of the energies, the body-to-body massage is a peculiarity of both the tantric massage and the simple sensual massage.

The zones of her body that the masseuse uses for the body-to-body massage

As a concrete technique, the masseuse adapts the zones of her body that she uses in the tantric massage to the body of the guest.

Therefore, for a caress all over the body of the guest, the masseuse will use her hair in a delicate, sensual and prolonged touch.

Also after the relaxation of the muscles of the back, the sensual touch she makes with her breasts or elbows is more then welcomed.


Furthermore the masseuse can use her nates to induce pleasant, delicious and unexpected states in the being of the guest. This is just like in a game when she massages the coccyx by up-and-down moves. When the guest lays on his back, the body-to-body massage has even bigger effects. The anterior part of the body is more sensitive, so the sensations here are more intense. Using here the body-to-body massage, the grade of intimacy reaches the maximum.

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