The alchemy of the energies in a real erotic tantric massage

The tantric massage works with the energies more then any other massage. Because it is a reunion of diverse types of massages, it will mix also the technique and the preoccupation for the energies. Also, we all know that erotic massage improve other kind of massages roles and their direction or path.

Besides this, the tantric massage must be considered as one of the most concrete and physical applications of the tantric philosophy. This also applies to the tantric principles.


So when it comes about dealing with energies, the similarity is not only with the massages based on the knowledge of the meridians. Furthermore, not only about the special points known in the tao philosophy or in presso-puncture. It is more about with the tantric philosophy of course.

The energy is the base fore transformation

The energy is the base fore transformation in a erotic massage !

Thus, for the alchemy In the tantric philosophy, the Universe is understood as a great energetically network or system. The energies present here have different levels of vibration. Also these energies and they interact one which each other. By their interaction, their merge and reunion, everything in the Universe is created, developed and manifested. The idea of the energy is thus primordial in the tantric philosophy and, because of this, in the tantric massage also.


Energetic fields in a real tantric massage

It is the energy that the tantric massage deals with. Therefore it is the energy that the tantric massage focuses upon and this is also what it aims to transform.

Therapeutically effects of the massage comes from the transformations of the energies in the body of the one receiving the massage. Also other effects are about the healing virtues.

When a massage of this kind aims to improve the inner state of a being, it focuses on the energies that person has or manifests.


It tries to transform the low energies in more elevated ones. These energies are the old and static energies in new and fresh ones.

Thus, suddenly, the person doesn’t feel tired anymore. He is “renewed” and more alive again. What happens there is a real alchemy. The alchemy is the one aiming to transform the energies in better and better ones.


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