Beauty in the erotic masssage as in any real art

The erotic massage is one of the most special forms of massage. All kind of massages can be treated as form of touches and their actions.


Artistic view of erotic massages

When we think at the art and the artistic aspect, in our mind there comes everything which means beauty and harmony.

The beauty, the harmony and the elevation, are expressed by dance, or by visual arts or by touches. Also, all of them contain artistic elements. They are all part of the artistic assembly.


In the art, the beauty has a principal role, even if, in more recent times, the art began to avoid even the Beauty. This approach was only in some art concepts.

The one that took its place was exactly the Ugly, in such a big amount that we may hear now about the aesthetic of the Ugly. But this is not the real art, the art that enchants the soul.

Real art behavior regarding erotic massages and harmony

The real art is tangent always with the Beauty and it is based upon harmony. These aspects can be better seen in a massage, because it is not possible that less harmonious energies or chaotic energies to led beneficial effects. Not even in the visual arts this reality is not possible, but there, everything being more abstract, these aspects are not rapidly seen.


Therefore in the massage, the effects are immediately and for a long time, also. The harmony and beauty have quickly their word. This is why, in the tantric massage, the pleasant touch makes this action to come real close to the art.

Where is the art? Is there a form of art in an erotic massage?

The beauty in the tantric massage comes from the harmony of the touch but not only, as we may say we can meet beauty everywhere in a tantric massage. For example, it’s important that the masseuse to be beautiful, sensual, harmonious.


The art of the tantric massage addresses to the soul

As the real art addresses to the soul, in the same way, the tantric massage addresses to this high, elevated, profound and sacred aspect of the human being.

We can reach the soul easier by the means of the arts. This is exactly what the erotic massages and of course tantric massage also does.


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