About woman massage

Every woman would love to get a massage. It relaxes the muscles, it stimulates the energy flow and it makes one feel great. But what can you do to make it unique, so your woman will never forget it? Well, try to put a little bit of sexuality in there. For it has been proven that an erotic massage can transform any tired and bored woman into an cheerful and loving girl in no time.


Of course I advice you have to begin by setting the right atmosphere. No woman will want to receive an erotic massage in an improper surrounding. If you set your mind on the words romantic and sensual, the inspiration will come.
Light some candles or just dim the lights. Play a relaxing, sexy music. Make the atmosphere neat and clean. Burn some incense or aromatic fragrances.
Even though usually man have a here-and-now attitude, especially when it comes to erotic things, try to slow down. After all, you didn’t prepare all these things just for a 5 minutes grab-and-take thing.


The first steps of woman massage

After your beloved one enters the house, make sure you welcome her properly. Flowers or small surprise gifts will make her curious and incited. Petals all over the floor or on the silky bed sheet will make her feel special and appreciated.
If she is still little bit tensed, a cup of tea, a glass of champagne or some sweet snacks will help her relax and feel home.
Start by undressing her gently, without giving the feeling of pressure. Let the things flow in the rhythm she likes to. In the same time, move together slowly to the bed you have already prepared for the erotic massage.
Help your beloved one to lie on the bed. Let her close the eyes, if she feels like.


Begin by moving your hands slowly above your beloved one’s body. Rub gently her shoulders and arms. Knead softly the muscles on her back. Make long and firm movements on the legs.
Here and there, pass you fingers through her hair, in a very soft and sexy way.
Do not rush. Alternate the movements and the strokes. Enjoy the way your beloved one’s skin feels under your hands. To improve the sensations, you may use some fragrance oil or a water based massage solution.
Without being too obvious, I advice you to get closer to her ear and whisper love words, romantic things every woman would love to hear.

tantric massage girl

Always get feedback!

Ask her if she feels good, if your touch is smooth enough and so forth. Also, wait and listen for her spoken or quiet response, there is a sense of great woman massage.
By this time, your hands should already move around the erogenous area. Also, you should slowly get closer to her breasts buttocks, and sex. Every movement should be delicate and precise. No mistakes are to be made.
Being erotic means to build up a sensuous momentum. Try to use your skills to tease her and bring the erotic tension to the maximum.

All steps on!

Keep the things slow and deliberated. Drawing it out longer will increase the sexual tension. And the pleasure will grow bigger for both of you.
Depending on you feeling, it is now up to you the way things will progress. No matter the choice, you still succeeded in giving your beloved one an unforgettable time…


Go ahead! Enjoy your woman! “Grab her” a real woman massage!