Transmutation and sublimation in the tantric massage

The tantric massage is a special form of massage which applies the theories and the principles of the tantric philosophy. A lot of the ideas, concepts and principles of the tantric philosophy are applied in the tantric massage which constitutes its’ concrete expression.


The tantric philosophy survived over the centuries,  but its force is just as alive today as at any time in the past. It refers to some fundamental truths and their applicability is perennial. All these principles are transmitted to new generations more in a secret manner.

Among the concepts and the principles in the tantric philosophy we find those about the energy and erotism. The one about the energy has a great importance as everything that surrounds us is energy. We ourselves are energy.


Energy and erotic massages

Without entering too profoundly in the tantric principles, we may though remind that the concept of energy has its precise role also in the tantric massage. In fact, the tantric massage works with exact this aspect, in generally, with the energy.

The other important ideas and concepts are based on this very concept of the energy: the alchemy of the tantric massage, the transmutation and the sublimation during its process.

The transmutation and the sublimation of the energies are two key-concepts in the tantric philosophy and, implicitly, in the tantric massage. They denote realities which appear during the massage and which are desired and aimed at in a conscious way.


What means the transmutation?

The transmutation refers at the process of transformation of the matter in energy. This will takes place during the tantric massage. It also explains the big amount of energy which appears and is educed during the massage. The transmutation in the tantric massage is valuable as long as it comes together with the sublimation of the energies. This proces is a phase which precedes the sublimation and it is important so this last phase can take place.

What is sublimation?

The sublimation means the transformation of the energies on more and more refined levels. Therefore this means that certain energies are transformed in other kinds of energies. These energies are  more refined, more elevated and with higher frequencies of vibration.

Why the transmutation and sublimation lead to the energies?

In order that there exists something to be sublimated, there is this need of transmutation taking place first. This is exactly the process that makes exist the energy which later will be sublimated.

As the tantric massage works with energies and a lot with the sexual and erotically energies of men, their sublimation and their refinement take place at this moment, at this level of sexuality.

And the `material` which will be sublimated is represented by the energy produced at this level, the sexual level.


When we speak about the tantric massage, the transmutation will act at this level of erotically energies together with the one of the vital energies. Thus we will obtain a greater amount of energy due to the complex process of the transmutation.

Later, by specific techniques, the energy obtained by transmutation, energy which is preponderantly sexual, will be transformed in other types of energy with higher frequencies of vibration. Finally these energies are as they follow: volitive energy, affectivity, mental or even spiritual energy.

Techniques for an excelent erotic and tantric massage with transmutation

The masseuse knows certain techniques and procedures to help the sublimation of the energies in the body of the one receiving the massage.

Through gentle touches she obtains the harmonization of the energies of the guest and amplifying other types of energies in his being.  These techniques of ascending of the erotically energies are the best in a real tantric massage.

He will thus find himself a lot more enriched and renewed after a tantric massage.

Come to our salon and feel free to practice this impressive exercises regarding transmutation of energies!