The masseuse as a real goddess in the tantric massage


The tantric massage, as an expression of the tantric philosophy, offers a lot of aspects specific to the millenary tradition with a profound knowledge of the Universe. The tantric philosophy, a spiritual tradition, was preoccupied by the most fundamental concepts of human knowledge. It also enriched this philosophy. These concepts and principles are also valid today and they are as alive today as they were in those ancient times of the beginning.


Philosophy is related to sensual massage

Although the tantric philosophy is not a religion, the transfigurative way in which the reality is described and in which it help us perceiving it make you able to see the sacred aspect in it. The most elevated aspects and ideas from the tantric philosophy are brought in human conscience. One aim is experiencing them in the concrete life.


The tantric massage as an expression of the tantric philosophy values the same concepts, ideas and principles from the philosophy from which it derives. The tantric massage is a practical appliance of this millenary philosophy. Thus the benefits that come along are more gradated and more concrete in the tantric massage. Even if here the effects are not on such a long term, they still are rapid and strong.

Experiences and sensual feelings during the tantric massage

The one that offers the access to profound experiences and special estates in the tantric massage and even to a special knowledge is the masseuse. To realize a tantric massage it is not sufficient that she is a good masseuse. Therefore she also has to understand and to experience in her being the tantric principles. Also she needs to have certain qualities which differentiate her from other masseuses good in other types of massage.


Something more than a simple good masseuse

The masseuse must combine the pleasure with beauty. The goddess will combine skills and she must be able to manifest harmonious energies all the time during the massage.

She also must be able to offer a lot of delight to the one receiving the massage, as this person is, literally, in “her hands”.


The special attention that is offered in the tantric massage to the energies requests the masseuse to be very conscious of herself. The masseuse has to be an empathetically person. Hence she can understand well the estates and the experiences of the guests.

As a conclusion she also has to harmonize and alchemize these estates. This is accomplished by reporting at the energies that determines these estates and emotions.

She has to “juggle” well with the energies that appear during a tantric massage in her being and also in the guest’s. The masseuse is the one supposed to understand when the alchemy of the energies goes perfectly. Also she decide when  there is the need to insist some more on certain aspects. She really is artful and aware and a real initiator during the tantric massage.

We can call her an initiator because she initiates the one receiving the massage in the mysteries of the energies. She initiate even the energies of the depths of his own energies.

Goddesses mean the personation of energies

As in the tantric philosophy the knowledge  of the beneficial energies in the Universe is very important and they were singularity and even personified.


To go a little further beyond the abstract aspects, the energies were personified. This personification will walk us to talk about superiority. And thus we reach to goddesses as they have a certain place in this philosophy. We consider goddesses the personification of certain energies from the Universe. Therefore we can consider the masseuse as an expression of the feminine energy which leads the massage as an elevated expression of the energies.

She can be called, euphemistically speaking, a genuine goddess.

The man abandons himself in her hands and trust her capacity to take you to an uplifting and extraordinary experience.