Motto: ” The hands of a woman can be capable of extraordinary pleasuring, much more
and complex than one can imagine…”
In Tantra tradition the sense of touch is directly associated with the fourth chakra Anahata
which is also known as the Heart Chakra. Being considered by all tantra masters as the
wellspring of love, kindness and compassion, it is located in the center of the chest, at the
heart level.
The endocrine gland that is governed by Anahata is the Thymus and that is why any type of
massage and especially tantra massage techniques can considerably improve the functions
of the immune system of the body in which the Thymus plays an important part.
On the body level, Anahata is associated with the heart, lungs, circulatory system, arms
and hands. Its sense organ is the skin and it’s psychological function is to feel and
especially to love.

Sense of touch according to scientists
According to psychology experts, touch is the first sense we acquire in human condition
and the secret tool in order to reach successful relationships. Among the many beneficial
physiological consequences of massage, like increased tolerance, sociability and better
sleeping is that stress hormones experience a great reduction. Oxytocin (a hormone that
deals with happiness and relaxation) levels go up and heart rates go down.
Experts in the field also discovered the mutual nature of touch. Studies showed that you
can’t touch without being touched and that we are naturally equipped with a complex
form of language based on the sense of touch. Several research conducted on subjects who
were blindfolded and made to recognise emotional states like fear, love, anger, joy,
kindness and happiness, only trough the sense of touch, 75% of them proved to be right
in guessing what where the emotions transmitted trough the specified sense.
Caressing consciously
In the art of tantra massage this innate touch language it is used in order to reconnect both
the giver and the receiver to their own inner source of balance. Even so, the therapist and
the person who receives the caresses, each play a special role in tantra massage and, as
they become more aware of their own condition during the therapy, the better will be the
For skilled therapists in this art of massage the act of being conscious while touching
becomes the essential tool of mastering tantra techniques. Tantra massage is not only
about transmitting pleasure and relaxation but also about directing the sexual energy in
order to nourish all the structures of the being.Because of the purity of the intention that it requires, the art of tantra massage can become
a form of meditation not only for the therapist but also for the person who is courageous
enough to experience his or her ”sexual self ” through tantra ways.
In tantra, the sense of touch can become an extraordinary meditation tool, because when
we become aware of being touched, we immediately start to experience the present
moment. And, if the touch is captivating enough, it can draw our attention away from daily
life thoughts and gradually it can gift us with the blissful state of so called ” no mind ”.
A revealing passage about the ” tantra touch ” was mentioned in one of the many tantra
ancient transcripts from Bhairava Tantra in which Shiva, the master of the
Universe advices his beloved wife: ” while touching and being touched, darling princess,
you should perceive the caressing as eternal life ”.
However, for the beginners in tantra experiences, the ” tantra touch ” may not reveal
completely to them from the first massage session. As well as with numerous other
aspects that are truly and profoundly beneficial for our well-being, perseverance
plays a major role in discovering the spiritual goal of tantra massage.
The sincere desire to transform the way we feel about sexuality and our willingness
to rise above prejudices concerning the experience of intense pleasure can help us
very much when taking the first steps towards the tantra ecstasy.
Some tantra masters recommend simple breathing exercises guided by the therapist,
or specific muscle contractions of the genital area in order to gain a better control of
the erotic energy.
The advanced tantra and famous writter Daniel Odier describes the ” tantra touch ”
with a deep mystic message: ” In Tantra, the first thing is having the experience of
touch, of profound contact with things, with the Universe, without mental commotion.
Everything begins there: touching the Universe deeply. When you touch deeply, you
no longer need to let go. That occurs naturally. ”