Tantra massage- win or loose? What is a real tantra massage?

If a man or a woman is not interested in procreation the sexual activity is oriented only in satisfying his or hers own pleasure.
Here comes the problem. In tantra tradition we can separate pleasure in 2 essential parts:

  • Pleasure by winning energy, positive
  • and pleasure by loosing energy, negative.

Most of us we experience first version, in everyday life.

What is pleasure by losing energy?

Our activities of so called relaxation is most of all energy consumers. We are consumed, with our consent, by watching the television, drinking alcohol, smoking, taking drogs and other stimulants that are free selling in every supermarket as being harmless.

For example drogs and not only cocaine or heroin but also every drog that cause dependency that are giving a great pleasure for a short while that is violent introduced in our body by extracting the vital energy in a very rapid mode from the brain and organs.

The sensation is so temporal and very short, and we imagine that we relaxed and due to social media, we get the illusion that we are cool, allying with the social requests.
What we do is actually dragging our vital force through this excessive energy shocks.

Our senses, our masters?

The more we try to satisfy our senses the more we will get hungry for more. Most of the time, people are searching satisfactions, love, happiness and joy outside than inside.They listen to their body desires than their spirit.In this way, they go to a most certain degeneration and disaster.


More about tantra massage

We all know by practice that our senses need to be controlled and not to be enslaved by them, in the contrary: we need to master our senses.
The key in that is that we cannot controll them from the same level as they are: phisically.
We can only get the control panel from inside, from our spirit. Returning to ourselves we will stop loosing the energy that we can win as ours.



The controlled orgasm, by preserving the sexual energy can take us, step by step to the top of the mountain. Therefore we can reach new and incredible field of pleasure, controlled and in this way free.

It is a matter of choice, as always. So, what do you choose?

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