What does a good tantric massage consists of

The tantric massage is a symphony of the senses, gradually and very pleasantly awaken, with the aid of specific modalities, merging therapeutically effects. Through touches, the massage finds itself a royal path to accede at the body and soul of the man.

Elements of touch

The touch has thus a privileged role in the tantric massage. It is the source of the pleasant sensations and perceptions and the beneficial effects.

The touch is modulated through adequate techniques for the purpose already established
The touch is modulated in accordance with the techniques applied in the tantric massage. It is the support on which all the modalities and maneuvers of realizing the tantric massage are based.


Starting the tantric massage

At the beginning of the tantric massage, the contact between the masseuse and the one receiving it, is a prolonged caress all over the body. Thus, the man becomes aware of all his physical parts. All his body receives this suave caress, being in such a manner prepared to open and relax itself for the magical touches.


Tips regarding masseuse behavior and look

As the tantric massage assumes the massage with other parts of the body, also, not only by the hands of the masseuse, now, at the beginning, it is very desirable a long caress with the masseuse’s hair. This modality of getting again all over the body of the man, is very pleasant for the men. It is felt like a sensual touch, unedited because of the area used.


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