What is Tantra Massage?

The massage is one of the most intense forms of communication both for the human race and for the animal kingdom: also the majority of animal species engages in a ritual of seduction that provides for the sweetest rubbing of the bodies.

In general, Tantra Massage aims to lead to a sensory experience of listening to the Self and, therefore, of expansion and spiritual elevation and energetic reactivation. When the individual allows himself total access to himself, to his true feelings outside and free from social patterns and conditionings, here is an entrance gate to deeper dimensions of the Self so as to become full consciousness of our real divine nature.

In concrete terms, what actually characterizes Tantra massage’s practice is the spiritual aspect that is expressed through a correct attention that is brought to the level of the heart and to the awareness of the sacredness of the body that houses the soul.

The term Tantra massage does not therefore identify a specific sequence, or precise manual skills, but only a way of massaging, a particular type of sensitivity in the touch. In essence, what characterizes the tantric massage is not the “thing”, but the “how” of the massage.

A sensory experience

Tantra Massage represents a sensory experience of tantric nature. The experiences become tantric when attention is paid and the inner self is listened to and this happens even when smelling a flower, observing a sunset, cooking, eating, in short when you are totally immersed in an experience. The sequence of this massage is the supreme art of touching, even navigating on the waves of pleasure. You can feel intense heat on your skin and feel the depth of your most intimate spirituality.

Tantra massage is therefore, in fact, a tantric experience. It takes place in nudity, both for those who receive the ritual and for those who give. Being naked leads to a more acute sensitivity in receiving the massage, combined with a greater sense of freedom. During the massage session, the energies of the body are stimulated so as to flow better, also increasing the pleasure. All this serves to improve the perception of one’s senses, to know oneself better both from within oneself and in relation to the outside. It is practiced with very intense manual skills and, above all, with a particular inner attitude, specific characteristic of particularly evolved beings.

A simple caress activates your entire sensory system

The skin marks the visible limit of our body and the point of contact with the world. It can be observed that through breathing it becomes more alive, more trembling, and softer. With the practice of massage you will discover that the body is not limited by the skin. Your sensations will be amplified in a succession of waves that will give the sensation of going away a lot, touching the world and returning to the body. It is a very pleasant sensation. The skin represents about sixteen percent of our body weight, it is our most sensitive organ, the one that nourishes us the most. Tantra massage it is a massage that caresses the whole body paying attention to the most sensitive areas and energy points in order to intensify and expand the sensations of pleasure and induce total abandonment.