A little history of the massage

The history of massage is lost in the mists of time. Massage it’s used to relieve pain, suffering or to eliminate fatigue and provide relaxation. It is probably used previous to any other treatment technique, the first form of therapy ever used by man. Instinct has naturally led any primitive man to use massage as a therapeutic method precisely because of its analgesic and soothing effect on pain.

Different types of massages

Ayurveda uses massage to maintain and regain the well-being and psycho-physical balance, and traditional Chinese medicine also sees massage as one of its best means to fight pains and illnesses and to do prevention, including reflexology. In Thailand manual techniques are incorporated into their medical practices, while in Nepal babies have been massaged for thousands of years, as a first contact of love, to help them with their psychomotor development, as well as promoting rest.

Scientific research has shown that massage is an effective therapy in many disciplines, both in rehabilitation, in prevention and in sports and aesthetics.

Through Tantra massage, the body regains harmony through relaxation and excitement of the senses

Tantra massage is a type of massage that uses sexual energy to reach a state of higher consciousness. The main intent is to develop greater awareness both in those who offer it and in those who receive it, improving the mutual mastery of desires and emotions. Professional Tantra masseuses use specific sensual touches like light currents throughout the body, to awaken a field of positive energy. At a Tantra massage salon you can fully experience the benefits of this ancient art.

Sexual arousal is an important emotional impact of Tantra massage. Giving and receiving Tantra massages is a very intimate experience. Like other forms of massage, it can be very relaxing and can also relieve physical pain, emotional fear and guilt; moreover, sensual spirituality is intrinsic and people can awaken parts of themselves that have been repressed or “asleep”. Today this type of massage is significantly improved thanks to the use of breathing techniques; these techniques, called “pranayama”, allow the recipient to move actively, improving self-discipline and self-control in a possible state of unexpected excitement.

Tantra massage combines the soothing and relaxing experience of a soft massage with the strong sensual aura of Tantra, to create a completely different experience. Based on ancient Tantra principles, this type of massage combines physical treatments with spiritual enlightenment. The sensual aspect of massage is not to be taken lightly. A series of massage sessions can help overcome sexual difficulties, being able to enjoy a noticeable increase in energy. The masseuses offer a state of unconditional love to the other person. Those who receive it should therefore place themselves in a state of total trust, freeing the mind from thoughts and expectations, favoring the activation of their senses. In Tantra massage, it is essential to abandon oneself to the present moment, a sweet and exciting moment in which to find serenity and pleasure in their most noble and pure dimension.