Understanding the concept of Tantra

Tantra is originally an Indian doctrine derived from Hinduism and Taoism, which was later adopted by Buddhists. The principle is simple, in theory. Our mind and body must be one, just as we must be one with the universe and with our partner. Why? In order to find harmony, the perfect balance, which should help us to reach the 7th heaven more easily. Tantra uses the sexual energy to merge body and soul, man and woman, through meditation: it is a pleasure of the body, but also of the spirit.

How is Tantra seen today?

The practice of sexuality is rather consummative and limited: the image of sexuality conveyed in the West is a story of positions and orgasms and sexuality is experienced as a practice to “do” and not to “be”. It is transmitted in this way through erotic books, movies, magazines in search of techniques.

After the orgasm, a time of rest and relaxation arrives: the consumption is accomplished, the partners are “sated” until the “hunger” returns… Some sense that there may be something else…

More? Better? Different!

To go from doing to being, it will change cognitive information, behavioral, psychological and bodily! This is what Tantra proposes today, a path of personal and spiritual development. Tantra allows to cross one’s traumas if there is one, and to reconcile the soul with sexuality and desire.

Tantra massage allows the appropriation of one’s body to open to the goddess or the god in oneself

Tantra massage invites to slowness, sacred sweetness; this practice allows the opening of the heart and offers the perception of being in the right place. Tantra massage combines meditation and inner listening. The one who receives it, opens the doors of the spirit for an interior journey.

Tantra massage is recommended both for men and women. Tantra massage sessions, regularly done, help to eliminate the blockages from the body and to awake the sexual energy. Professional masseuses will help you become aware of every gesture, movement, breathe. You have an intimate encounter with desire. At this point, sexuality becomes the gateway to transcendence. The strength of desire gives an impulse. To control the desire and the sexual energy is the way of Tantra, ecstasy without end.

Ecstasy brings us into bliss, and brings us into the Trans…(Transcendence, transmutation, transfiguration, etc.) through the physical body. To accept desire without affecting our state: to observe. It is a return to oneself. It is a different vibratory level and a change of the state of consciousness.

We all live moments of ecstasy very strong, so good, so beautiful! But we get lost, we identify with that. The ecstasy becomes an emotion whereas it is much more than that: it is an immense door to pass on the other side of oneself, in the plans of the invisible, the unspeakable, and the nonmanifest, all; because we are all that. To integrate it, is to accept the experience not as a rare moment, but as a part of oneself that is recognized: to live one’s divinity simply.