Here are some glimpses of what conscious touch is
A practical way to learn intimacy.
A simple touch can say more than a thousand words.
Opens the heart and trains us to keep it open.
Heals traumas and clears out misunderstandings.
Receiving and giving pleasure at the same time.
We easily forget the sense of touch.
Implies a triple profound awareness.
Simultaneous awareness and relaxation.
Aim to remain conscious for as long as possible.
When giving we have a higher receptivity towards receiving.
Aim to trigger beautiful states in the receiver.
The receiver needs to relax and stay aware.
Receive like a child having no previous experience.
“Move” your heart to the surface of the skin.
Meet the touches of the other one.
Let your heart receive the pure experience without filtering it with the mind.
A gate of subtle interaction between the two.
When touching in a conscious way we touch an intimate part of our soul.
Dissolves the sense of separation, creates a feeling of unity.
In time we can touch each other at distance.
The sense of touch has a language that can be learned.
Relaxation – physical, breath, feelings, energy, mind.
Present moment – tuning into here and now trough senses.
Heart focusing – connecting, balancing, source of all the good.
Empathy – to feel the other one.
Intuition – to know beyond reasoning.
Being the channel – of love, goodness, kindness, eros.
Transfiguration – seeing beyond /being deeply seen.
To become more and more aware – gradually.
To know more.
To be more – of who we are.
Unlimited amount of consciousness available in universe, limited amount comes
Present in all actions of awareness, attention, observation, contemplation.
To become more conscious – training of attention ability.
Centeredness in present moment – perceiving here and now trough perception
◦ “Pleasures are as necessary for the existence and well being of the body as is
food.” (KAMA SUTRA)