About Tantra

Tantra, like Yoga or Zen, comes from the East where it has been transmitted since the dawn of time as a tradition of wisdom in the service of the elevation of man. Although traditional and oriental, it is nevertheless quite adapted to the modern man and woman, incarnated in the world of today. Above all, it proposes itself as a „way of life” giving means to develop physically, mentally and spiritually. Beyond any ideology, any dogma, Tantra offers us a way of liberation that reconciles consciousness and energy, masculine and feminine, sexuality and spirituality, profane and sacred.

Tantra is a collection of esoteric teachings that explain all aspects of ritual, yogic practice, alchemy of energies, initiation, microcosmos, macrocosmos and their interaction

In the sacred Tantra teachings have been codified all the methods showing man how to reintegrate the primordial Adam from his fallen condition, how to reintegrate the spiritual into the material, how to unite man and the inner woman, how to relate the ordinary individual consciousness of the human being incarnated and limited to the divine consciousness, that is to say to the universal, infinite and unconditioned consciousness that is present in him.

These texts represent an admirable synthesis that considers man not only from the anatomical point of view, but also from the physiological, pathological, moral, social, psychic and spiritual point of view. The Tantras explain to us how these various aspects are related. What they propose is an experimental psychophysiology which gives man the means to free himself from the conditioning and limits of his individual being in order to reintegrate the universal being, while remaining in the world and enjoying the world.

The principles of Tantra

The first principle is that all that is manifested in the universe is energy-consciousness. Universal consciousness manifests itself as energy in all that is.

The second principle is that this energy is, like the universal consciousness that produced it, One. As a result, creation is a unified network of energy, a vast web where everything is connected, everything is united.

Tantra massage

Tantra massage is designed to release the flow of our sexual energy, Kundalini, to connect the three dimensions of Being, physical, physiological and spiritual. At a professional Tantra massage salon, experienced masseues will activate your chakras (subtle energy centers) by massaging certain energy points that will release energy blockages and allow energy to flow freely into your body. Your masseuse will caress your naked body, in a slow movement, in order for you to be aware of every touch. The movement of the hands envelop the body. The masseuse can play with the rhythm to allow the mind to disconnect from the daily stress and worries. The controlled breathing and the conscient touch, the movement of the sexual energy from bottom to top, take you to the present moment, to a deeper connection with yourself.

Tantra massage is more a science than a philosophy, a science of consciousness, a science that aims to make people happier, more conscious. When this science is applied, it becomes an art of living.