Particularly sensual, Tantra massage has for primary objective the consciousness of the body, beyond the control of the mind, far from the automatic gestures and behaviors of the everyday life. It is a sensual and spiritual experience.

There are many people who wonder what is the difference between an erotic massage and a Tantra massage. Both are relaxing massages, where to a greater degree or less, the sacred areas are included that correspond to the genital areas.

So far it may seem similar, if we also add the sociocultural and religious judgments and the use of the word “Tantra” to sell and give a certain exoticism to what is an erotic massage, we have the perfect mixture for creating this confusion. This makes Tantra massage almost exclusively related to sex or sexuality to the detriment of its more emotional and spiritual essence.

The essential differences between erotic massage and Tantra massage

The goal: in erotic massage is pleasure and ejaculation, and in Tantra massage is the expansion of consciousness.

The intention: in the erotic, the intention is to excite and in the Tantra massage there is no intention, not even that of healing. Conscious touch is empty of intention.

Erotic massage

The erotic massage is defined by a relaxing and sensual massage all over the body, including the genitals and where the goal is pleasure, orgasm and ejaculation. The famous “happy end” refers to manual stimulation. There are people who want to experience this more physical side of sexuality and to explore their desires and fantasies, to release beliefs, fears, shame and taboos… or they simply do not know how to do otherwise.

Tantra massage

This massage is a ritual that awakens and uses sexual energy to spread throughout the nervous system, harmonizing the chakras (energy centers) and purifying the energy channels of the whole body. The massage has goals such as linking sexuality to love, raising the Kundalini to Ajna (the third eye chakra), learn to contain ejaculation. But its goal is never pleasure in itself or ejaculation, although it does not exclude orgasm.

Precisely this use and channeling of the sexual energy to enter into expanded states of consciousness and meditation through pleasure and joy is what defines Tantra massage. Pleasure is the means to awaken the senses and sensuality of the body, sensitivity and deep relaxation. It is a key to opening consciousness and extending it beyond the physical body. And this massage may or may not include genital massage. Each person’s sexuality is different.

Another essential quality of this massage is conscious breathing and according to tradition, breathing through the nose or mouth will be used. The breath anchors us to the body, helps to spread the energy that moves in us and cradles us like the waves of the sea, creating states of deep relaxation. It leads us to be totally present and conscious in the body.

The combination of the movement of sexual energy, breathing and conscious touch makes each Tantra massage unique, different, personal and magical.