Tantra is an Indian doctrine derived from Hinduism and Taoism, then adopted by Buddhism. This practice knows neither duality nor opposition; the self and the outside world, the man (the yang) and the woman (the yin), the spirit and the matter are a whole. The practice of Tantra makes it possible to associate them fully in order to reach a higher level of consciousness and, in the matter of sexuality, a perfect harmony freed from external constraints. Thus, Tantra uses sexuality to fuse the body and the soul, the feminine and the masculine, and to reach, at the end of a long process of meditation, the ecstasy of the mind and the body.

Tantra includes several methods that allow us to become aware of our fundamental unity, our body, our heart and our mind, in relation to the universe, at all times and in all areas of our lives. It is a daily invitation to free oneself from suffering, from our conditionings and illusions, from our rejections and complacencies, in order to be true and to reach a state of mindfulness.

Tantra massage invites you to reconnect with yourself, to regain self-awareness through a spiritual experience encompassing the body dimension

During a Tantra massage session your senses are solicited. The sense of smell, through the incense or the scented candles, the sight, thanks to the light which you will have taken care to sift, the hearing, with a music which you will have chosen to grant it the best with the atmosphere of the moment. The touch, through all the soft, delicate, warm touches performed by professional masseuse all over your body.  Tantra massage awakens your senses, it stimulates your sensory zones. Your body is rediscovered through gentle, tender touches. Masseuse specialized in the art of Tantra massage will move their hands all over your body, shoulders, arms, hands, the back of the head, legs and feet, abdominal area and then stroking the inside of the thighs to your sexual area.

Tantra massage opens up chakras, energetic points that govern the body and mind. Activates vitality, self-esteem, the force and the power. The gestures performed by the masseuses during a Tantra massage stimulate emotion or love and they honor your body with the greatest respect.

Tantra massage helps building self confidence

Tantra massage is relaxing, healing, relieving after an effort, eliminates blockages and tensions, relieves muscular and articular pain, releases clogged energy, equilibrium energy, awakens the Kundalini and the sexual energy, the vehicle through which energy circulates through the body.

Tantra allows you to walk towards self-realization, to say “yes to life”, to be fully alive, to develop a fulfilling sexuality and to radiate this dimension of love – “I am love” – which is our true nature.

The unification of our contradictions passes by the re-expression and the rehabilitation of all that has been repressed. By allowing one to go beyond shame and guilt, Tantra massage invites you to reconnect with love and unconditional acceptance of oneself and one’s own body, to reconnect with your body.