When massage and good sleep go hand in hand

 Feeling insomniac?

If you are not satisfied with your sleep and usually experience fatigue, low energy level and difficulty in concentrating, you may be wondering if you suffer from insomnia.
Although it might sound simple, insomnia can be quite a complicated issue, as it affects negatively all areas of life. In the last years, it was reported that around 30% of the adult population has complained of sleep disturbances.
Troubles range from the difficulty of falling asleep to having problems in staying asleep or waking up too early in the morning. Such a condition can be brief, when it is due to temporary life circumstances. Or it can extend for long periods of time, when insomnia becomes a chronic condition.

Treatments for insomnia

We know a variety of treatments, from drugs and sports to warm baths and herbs.
But before trying any drugs, use one of the recent discoveries in the field. This is the soft tissues massage, a method used in the Tantric massage, as well as in Chinese therapy. Although all of us  considered something new, this massage technique itself has centuries of therapeutical history.

Get the most non-invasive cure

Tantric massage therapy as a whole has proved to have an extraordinary healing potential. It showed remarkable effects in stress-related tensions, cancer-related fatigue, low back pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression. Just to name a few.
But now we know  it is effective in improving sleep quality and duration.
Recent studies suggest that insomnia might occur due to physiological hyper-arousal. Many kind of skin receptors are contributing to support this state. The good thing is that the soft tissues tantric massage normalise the local area around skin receptors. Thus the receptors send calming signals to the brain, which answers and reduces the hyper-arousal effects.

Hyper-arousal effects

The hyper-arousal leads also to an increased body temperature and heart beat, as well as high metabolic rate. Nevertheless, the tantric massage reduces heart rate, lower blood pressure and increase blood circulation and lymph flow.
We can also notice that insomniac people have a significant presence of the stress hormones into the blood stream. Still, soft tissues tantric massage relaxes muscles and increases the production of endorphin and serotonin (the so-called ”hormones of happiness”).
Doctors observed that after a while, the bad effects of insomnia are entering into a cycle, with some easy to predict results in time. But the tantric massage proves to be effective in interrupting this vicious cycle that is affecting the nervous system. You can also break the insomnia cycle by simply comparing how you feel before and after the tantric massage, through a self-regulating awareness.

Tantric massage healing

Acute or chronic pain contributes greatly too to insomnia. More than half of the patients suffering from pain reports sleeping disorders as well. But researches show that soft tissue tantric massage is reducing and calming the pain, thus improving the quality of the sleep.
Few people are actually aware of their own body.
Through tantric massage one discovers that his body is full of amazing spots. Thus, each session becomes an amazing journey, as it helps one discover more and more the wonder of his own body.