Hello everyone, I am Grace and I would like to share with you some of my experiences I had working as a tantric masseuse. I had lot of nice and special experiences in my work that I would share to you; in fact, I hardly give the name “work” to what I do there. It is more of a combination between work, laugh, spending a good time, knowing people in their intimate aspects and increasing my knowledge.

I was attracted from the beginning by the tantric philosophy and this is how I decided to work as a masseuse. I wanted to transpose as much information and knowledge I got from this ancient philosophy in a more concrete and practical area. The tantric massage seemed the perfect opportunity and I am happy because of the choice I have made.

I like working with people, in general, but knowing them more profound brings much more satisfaction. And I like working with energies, so when improving the state of people due to their energies that I am working upon, makes me feel really fulfilled. It is very good to see how the guest’s general estate changes when he receives new energies in his being, fresh and valuable ones. I like to understand what are his more important needs when speaking of the energies and how I can help him get them. It’s so good the feeling that you can bring comfort and take away stresses or even pain! The welfare that appears in his being, the satisfaction read on his face make me worth giving there all my best.

Getting in touch with people – in the most concrete meaning this expression can have – is one of the aspects that satisfies and fulfills me the most. For me, expressing my self through the touch is almost as important and powerful as through the eyes. We generally consider the eyes as the most powerful sense when speaking of someone expressing himself. But for me, the touch is something very special, more than a simple sense. I learned these years to feel the power and the magnitude of each touch, each move on the body of the guest and to adapt them to his needs. To discover in an instant what touch must be done on that very right moment, how long, how deep and how soft. And what maneuver should be the next, what is its impact and what should follow.

The salon in which I worked for the last years is situated in Bucharest, in the central area and it seems to me the perfect answer for what I wanted to develop in my own being. It is a tantric salon in which there are offered tantric and erotic massages and the session is generally of one hour and a half or two hours. But often the guests came ask for extending the session. The high professionalism here decided me long ago that this is the place where I want to stay, to offer what I have learned and even to teach others, during the massage, so in a more speechless way. It is like teaching the others meanwhile you yourself are learning and improving you knowledge.