The energy as a key-concept in the tantric massage

In the tantric massage there are certain specificities and particularities which make from the tantric massage a special and unique experience. It is, at the same time, a very complex experience. Therefore implies a lot of different aspects from various levels. The reunion of all these different aspects is made in a harmonious manner so the experience may be a very pleasant one.


Energy during erotic massage

All that is realized through the tantric massage is based on the concept of the energy. Everything is achieved through the energies and due to them and the energy is, in fact, the fundament on which the tantric massage is based. This type of massage doesn’t work only with the body of the one receiving the massage. It works not only upon his body, but it also works with his energies. These energies are thus recast.

Tantric massage as a whole

The energy is a fundamental concept for this experience, the experience of the tantric massage. The whole sensations, the whole estates and everything which appears in the tantric massage is based on the energy. The very big attention given to the energies is also found in the tantric philosophy. Thus, in tantric philosophy  there were taken diverse ideologies, theories, ideas and concepts. We think that the energy is the base of the whole Universe and this is why her importance is fundamental. It creates and it is the one that builds, reshapes and transforms. It is the energy the one determining the sensations and perceptions in a tantric massage as in any other moment of life. We operate with it in order to obtain certain effects. It’s all about senses!

Just as in the tantric philosophy, a very spiritual philosophy, in the tantric massage also the beneficial energies are the one desired and searched for. We give a lot of attention at their frequency of vibration. The energies with a lower frequency of vibration are the so-called lower energies. The unused energies will be replaced or alchemized in new energies. These will have a higher frequency of vibration, more pure and better energies.

Benefic effects of erotic and tantric massage

Always the energies desired in massage, just as in any authentic philosophy or discipline are only the good and positive ones the ones which determines benefic effects in the being.

Because of the beneficial energies, the effects obtained are themselves very benefic also. They help the one receiving the massage to get to higher states, better and more elevated ones comparing to the ones he had before coming to this tantric experience.

All the beneficial aspects felt during a tantric massage can be considered as helpful energies: the sensuality, the beauty, the warm interaction helps, each of them, at creating the special atmosphere needed. And all these are energies, the energy of the sensuality, of the beauty, of dynamism, etc. As any energy, they grow more and more as the attention invested on them is bigger.

All about erotic massage in tantric way

The masseuse focuses upon the beneficial energies and determines their predominance in the tantric massage. Due to her ability, all the tiredness and fatigue of the guest are vanished away and new, fresh energies come along.