The art of foreplay fort couples-part II

Previous chapter?

Few days ago we covered a few area about sexual intercourse and foreplay stuff…. We spoke about other kinds of foreplay such as:

  • The need
  • The solution
  • The actual how to

So, let’s continue…


Don’t forget to turn her around and repeat the same treatment on the front. After caressing her with the same warm and soft moves from the beginning, you can start to message her chest. Don’t go straight for the breasts, though. Start with the centre of the chest. It is a very intimate part of the body, treat it gently. Your every move will go straight to her heart.

Afterwards, you can move up to the area between the breasts and the shoulders. Women gather a lot of tensions there and it’s a part of the body we rarely – if ever – pay attention to. This massage will deeply relax her and help her surrender more and more.

Then carres her neck, her face, kiss her all over. When you feel she’s ready, you can move on to her breasts. Softly at first, then you can massage them more firmly, grabbing them entirely, but careful not to hurt her. The sensitivity of the breasts varies from one woman to another.


Gradually, you can get as sensual as you feel kissing her breasts and sucking her nipples. Let her feel how much you desire her.

After a while, you can move lower. No, not that low. Stop at her belly and kiss, massage  and bite the whole area. Especially the lower abdomen is also a zone where many tensions are acumulated.

Be as sensual and passionate as you desire, but don’t forget to be tender and loving at the same time. You can tease her with occasional strokes on her clit and labias, but their time hasn’t come yet.

Go down and gently and playfully spread her legs and massage and kiss the inside of her thies. This area is a very intense erogenous zone. She might be ticklish, but she’ll love it.


Then you can move on to her clit and it’s time for some oral action. Bring your game on! Let her guide you and find the spot and rythm she likes most. When you find the best combo, keep doing that, patiently. And don’t stop until she orgasms in your mouth. Show her you have the availability to offer her as much as she needs to reach extreme pleasure.

Sometimes women feel pressured and fake their orgasms, fearing that the partner won’t have the patience it takes and not wanting to let him down. Let her know that you understand her female sexuality and how it is different from men’s.  Some women can reach orgasm in less than 5 minutes with proper stimulation, others need up to 30. And even for the same woman it can vary just as much in different moments and circumstances.

The magic spots

After the clit orgasm, you can start exploring her wonderful insides but… with your fingers first. Explore all the walls, with large movements going back and forth and in spirals. Then go for the G spot. If you don’t know where it is, look it up on the internet. It’s very close to the entrance, on the front wall (the one towards her tummy) and has a rougher surface than the surroundings. One of the most intense pleasures  a woman can experience is the simultaneous stimulation of her clit and G spot. You will absolutely blow her away. You can stimulate her clit orally, or with the fingers from the other hand. Again, make sure you find the right angle and rythm. Usually, both movements  (clit and G spot) are best in quick back and forth.

For supreme satisfaction, after a second orgasm in this double stimulation, you can reach deeper inside her (still with your fingers, going for the A spot. It is on the same wall with the G spot, only deeper, just blow the cervix. Again, the internet can clear it out for you.

Studies have shown that when the A spot is stimulated, intense lubrication occurs within seconds and orgasm is reached in less than 5 minutes. This is why size matters and women like it deep.



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Take care

Be aware that all the massage and all these types of stimulation will make her open up emotionally very much. If she is not used to being loved, caressed, given the attention and care she needs, this can even lead to catharsis. She might get very emotional and even cry. This could scare her and she might ask you to stop. Don’t.  Be there for her, help her relax and surrender, love her, if necessary go slower, but don’t stop. Catharsis is a great emotional releaf that will heal her soul and harmonise her sexuality.

Congratulations! You now know how to foreplay

With all this stimulation, she will have already had 3 orgasms by the time you get in for the actual intercourse. That is more than some women have had in their entire life. By this time she will be dripping wet, quvering, moaning, shouting out your name and even begging you to get in…

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