Erotic massage – art, aesthetics and spirituality

What is massage?

Maybe most see massage as therapy, entertainment or as part of the new-age wave; and while all those are partly true, massage is also art. It is therapy because it is used both in medicine for healing,  and in spas for relaxation. It is entertainment, especially the erotic one, because it makes us feel good. It may be seen as being new-age, ironically, because it has been used in the millenary oriental medicine traditions for harmonizing the flow of energies through meridians and chakras.

And it is also art.
For some it might be hard to see how massage has anything to do with aesthetics. Although the concept of beauty is most often approached as being visual, that is only because sight is the sense we most rely on. We can all agree there is beautiful music. In some languages even smells you can say smells are “beautiful”. There is a reason why it’s called culinary art. So there must be an art for the sense of touch as well. That is massage.

Aesthetics and art

Art has always been considered physically pointless, but uplifting for the spirit. For hundreds of years art was a trade mark of the noble, the educated, and also used in religion. It has always been seen as a manifestation of the intellect and the spirit.
Initially, it was unanimously acknowledged that art is beautiful. Baudelaire’s “Fleurs du mal” brought a new turn in art. It was the beginning of the aesthetic of ugliness. Its whole point was to achemise and sublimate the seemingly “ugly”. Just like romanticism brought our attention to the little things, as opposed to classicism, which was all about heroism and grandeur.

esthetic art girl
However, throughout time we’ve been witnessing a downfall of art. Artists have forgotten that they have a mission to fulfill, that their voice needs to send out a message. Even if it is sometimes art’s purpose to point out the flaws and faults, sometimes even the tragedy of life (Shakespeare’s also done that), it should always be sublimating, awakening the aspiration for change, for better, uplifting our consciousness.

Our senses of sight and of hearing have been perverted and we find ourselves paying for ugliness and chaos. There’s lots of money involved in crap movies, music, painting, dancing… However, no one is paying lots of money for horrible tasting food, for cripplingly stinking perfume or for painful and disharmonious massage (even though a few massage techniques might sometimes be painful, their purpose is still to harmonize and heal the body; and it is never the case of relaxation or erotic massage).

Benefits of massage

Fortunately, massage has survived time as a pure art. Even though it may not be as meaningful and complex as it used to, it is still beautiful. The way we feel after having received good massage – relaxed, regenerated, happy, revealed – is an example of what art should feel like.
How is massage helping the spirit? Firstly, any practitioner needs to be highly empathetic. Empathy is at the base of compassion, care and peace. Making us capable to understand the other one’s point of view, it sets the premises for tolerance.

Erotic massage and psychology

Secondly, through relaxation, stress relief, releasing of tension and frustration, and even the cathartic effects that it has, massage heals our emotions. Stress and frustration set the ground for aggression in all its forms (physical, passive, verbal, self-oriented). This is already a well known scientific fact. Thus, healing and releasing all these, massage is literally making us better people. Especially erotic massage, because sexual frustration is one of the most intense and widely spread, due to all the social and religious taboos regarding sexuality, and the highly emotionally alienated modern society.
Even though Freud got it all wrong and psychoanalysis has not been scientifically validated, we can say one thing was right about and modern psychology states the same: sexuality does influence us greatly. Emotionally, socially, religiously, and so on. And the process works the other way around as well. Representing both, a side of our animal instinct and one of our most sublime and noble feelings – love, sexuality has a huge impact on our life and behavior.

Where to get it

Understanding the importance of sexuality and the complexity of the effects massage has, it becomes obvious that erotic massage is highly beneficial both for men and for women. In order to benefit from all this, I recommend to turn to a professional. Here at Tao erotic massage from  Bucharest we offer premium services. However, if you will not follow our recommendation, you might be disappointed. Why? Because you will find out that not many erotic massage salons approach it as art, but as mere entertainment of the consumery society we live in.

The choice belongs to you, as it always has. The difference is that now you can make an informed decision.