Erotic massage in couples. The art of foreplay- Chapter I

The need

It is already a well known scientific fact that, generally, men need around 3 minutes or less to reach orgasm, while for women it may take up to 30 minutes. Given that men cannot continue after cumming, it becomes obvious that in most cases intercourse is very far from enough to satisfy a woman.
This is one of the reasons why foreplay is a key element for unforgetable sex. And another one is that in foreplay the two lovers connect much more intimately. A good foreplay might make the difference between sex and lovemaking and thus she will feel desired, cared for and adored. When a woman feels this, she opens completely and offers herself unconditionally.


Evolutionary psychology shows that it has become a part of women’s nature to always make sure again and again that the man wants her and will take care of her. Her psychology is ancestrally embeded with the fear that the strong man will leave her alone and weak, because till not so very long ago, a single woman was terribly vulnerable both physically and socially. This is why being a gentleman will never be outfashioned, women need to feel protected and give in when they do.
All this also explains why women are much more neurotic than men. Given that for women sex is almost always a frustating disappointment (statistics don’t spear men’s pride), and for men it almost never is, it is obvious that women are generally much more frustrated than men. Psychology tells us that frustration leads to aggression and inner conflicts, tension. Hence the importance of relaxation and satisfaction.
Psychological distress is a major cause for frigidity. Meaning that a perfectly healthy woman can have difficulties in experiencing pleasure because of the stress, fear, or any other type of emotional tension she is feeling. Helping her relax will do wonders for the two of you in bed. Simply massaging her before moving on to the action itself will turn you into a much better lover.

The solution

An important secret for you to know is that in some ways women work backwards than men. One example is the way they get turned on. For men, the excitement starts from the genitalia and then spreads to the rest of the body. Meaning that it is best to start with that part and then the rest will also become sensitive to arousing touch. With women, it’s exactly the other way around. Caress her, kiss her all over, even bite with tender passion and she will start quivering in your arms. Otherwise, if you aproach her too directly, it is not necessarily pleasurable for her and it might even tense her up even more.

The actual how to

Invite her to lay down, relax and surrender. In the foreplay she doesn’t have to do anything else. It is your gift to her wonderful femininity. Explore her. Be sure that you can offer her complete satisfaction. Make her feel comfortable and trust to tell you what she likes most and where. She might not know herself at first, but discover as you go along.
Start with soft caresses with your palms all over her body. Slow, smooth movements of your warm hands will make her relax and feel that you accept, love and desire her entire body and being.
After a while you can move on to more profound and firm moves, massaging her shoulders, arms, back, bum, legs and feet. It’s good to use message oil, the naturally scented ones being best. You can alternate between firm moves and tender kisses, soft strokes with your fingertips and nails, passionate bites on her neck, shoulders, waist, thies and even the soles of her feet. You can even playfully tickle her from time to time. It will make her laugh with joy, releasing the tensions.


Next chapter?

Today we covered a few area about sexual intercourse and foreplay stuff…. We will speak tomorrow about other kinds of foreplay such as:

  • Flip
  • Oral
  • The magic spots
  • Extra

After the final chapter she will experience many orgasms by the time you get in for the actual intercourse. You must know few womens reach their climax during theri “happy” life.. so..

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